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By CarolJerry
Written January 05, 2012
HD TV recording of Handel's baroque opera, Rodelinda. Performers were excellent, sets were outstanding and interviews between acts were interesting. However, I was not pleased with having to sit through 20-minute intermission; it was recorded, so this should have been editted out. Also, I am accustomed to the lines in an opera being repeated two or three times with variations in the music and voice, but in this case many lines were repeated five or six times. This became tiresome after a while. The story is very serious with no lighter moments. Did not care for counter-tenor voices.
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By villanova1
Written January 05, 2012
I thought it was wonderful. Of course I like Baroque music. I also appreciated the fact that the opera started at the appointed time. The intermissions and interviews are interesting, but they make the production very long. This particular opera was so good that we stayed to the end.
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By operafirst
Written January 10, 2012
The production was excellent as usual and Renee Fleming was superb in her vocal techique. I would probably not see this one again because it is so much Baroque and this limits the beautiful melody lines. I prefer more operas like Puccini with beautiful areas.
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By old snowshoe
Written October 02, 2014
The repititions of the same lines over and over and over in the score got very tiresome, Even the moderator acknowledged it by quesrioning every interviewed singer about this condition of the libretto, Also, as with all the movie operas, the intermissions were much too long. Final scene was the best,
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surprisigly good

By Dusya Houstonskaya
Written January 06, 2012
I thought I didnt like the opera at the beginning. It completely changed over three acts. This music is still in my head. Very good opera. Everything was perfect!
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