The Metropolitan Opera: Rodelinda Encore Synopsis
Grimoaldo gives up everything to be with Eduige.

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Expanded my view of baroque opera

By fdc40
The one duet was amazing; everything else was written for solo voices, many of which were wonderful (e.g., Stephanie Blythe). The interviews during the 2 intermissions were interesting, as always....

Rodelinda - Metropolitan Opera

By atroy3
Perfection from every angle - music, cast, conductor staging. I wish I had seen both the live screening as well a the encore broadcast - this is a movie to see over and over....


By wallys
Even though this is a Baroque piece, Renee Fleming is an amazing singer actress. She is well supported by the cast around her, including the wonderful voice of Stephanie Blyth....


By Debnsel
always lovely to see Fleming, but the repetition was deadening. I awoke for the 2nd and most of the 3rd. The counter-tenors were laughable--so sorry, as they seemed so very nice during intermission...

Good voices, not-so-good opera

By adeliscool
First, the singers are marvelous, and, while I don't care for counter-tenor singing, the counter-tenors were quite good. Here's the problem: Handel. This was my first (and last) Handel opera....

Great Performance, Lousy presentation.

By Otis_Driftwood
We were disappointed. The opera was wonderfully performed: the orchestra was wonderfully led and the singing astounding. But: TOO MUCH TIME BETWEEN ACTS! Trailer times plus 20 full minutes of dead...

Well-Acted, Well-Sung, Gorgeous!

By IthacaNancy
It's such a pleasure to see these Met operas without leaving town and spending a mint! The costumes are so beautiful and the stage reminded me of visits to Italy. The music was beautiful and the...


By soupblack
This opera in HD was phenomenal! All the voices were excellent, especially Renee Fleming. The counter tenors parts were also splendid. The story was moving and the music was beautiful!...


By Moontouch
I absolutely cannot understand how the Met could possibly put Stephanie Blythe in a role like this !!!!! It was ridiculous and I left in the intermission....


By villanova1
I thought it was wonderful. Of course I like Baroque music. I also appreciated the fact that the opera started at the appointed time. The intermissions and interviews are interesting, but they...

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