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  • March 1, 2014
  • 4 hr 30 min
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140 Fan Ratings

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Prince Igor - a Boring Flop!

By Andrea Thornock
Written March 18, 2014
Wow - what a waste of time and money! I am a professional opera singer and voice instructor, and LOVE opera! What a huge disappointment this one was! I was looking forward to several lovely well-known Borodin melodies, with an interesting story line - none of the above occurred! It was SO slow moving, and the costumes were quite disappointing. And the mezzo who was supposed to be sexy was anything but! Some good voices, but a real bore all along. I wanted to get up and leave in the middle, but I decided i needed to know how it ended. So I stuck it out... DON'T waste your precious energy on this one! Go to WERTHER or LA BOHEME or COSI FAN TUTTE instead! Never again - once was more than enough.... Andrea in VA
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Prince Igor- The Metropolitan Opera

By dick251
Written March 09, 2014
It was a disaster at the Sequoia Theater in Mill Valley. Both the sound and images were fractured and intermittent. We left the theater without seeing Prince Igor. VERY DISAPPOINTING to say the least.
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"Prince Igor" as PSYCHODRAMA

By Barry Freed
Written March 06, 2014
As host Eric Owens explains before the start of the Met's new "Prince Igor," the present production, directed by Dmitiri Tcherniakov DOES NOT invoke the grand spectacles of the past, as resurrected from Borodin's incomplete manuscripts by Russian composers Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov. No, Tcherniakov's intention is to bring out the "drama" (psycho-drama?) in the struggles of the 12th century Russian Prince. What we get is yet another travesty in Peter Gelb's growing list of wrong-headed opera "updates." The disastrous first act moves from a "12th century" Russian army with late 19th century uniforms and sidearms, to WWI-style B&W photos of Igor's dead and wounded soldiers to a ludicrous expanse of synthetic red poppies and the tackiest and most outrageous "Polovtsian Dances" imaginable -- dances that would have embarrassed a high school audience. The remaining acts are tarnished by more absurd anachronisms but not to the same degree as the first. So much wasted talent! Gelb must go!
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Prince Igor

By razart
Written March 06, 2014
I totally enjoyed the The Met's live in HD production of Prince Igor. I especially like viewing these productions at Cobb 12, Leesburg, Va.
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Prince Igor

By amyorker
Written March 06, 2014
A spectacular new production (the first in nearly 100 years) with great singing, drama and staging. If you are a fan of 19th-20th century Russian classical music, this is for you. It even may appeal to the "Kismet" fan who will recognize many familiar Borodin themes. This is a production that the Met does best, and you can see all the back stage scene setting in action, like watching the workings of a great ant hill up close, only with narration and interviews of the queen and her lead drones. The Met in HD is a must-see for the true opera buff.
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