Beware the AMC 25

By sanmilton
Written March 30, 2017
Despite a disclaimer slide warning that some North American cinemas might experience transmission interruptions, the broadcast went smoothly for once, nearly six hours of it. Great performance of a Wagnerian masterpiece that is in a league of its own! But the AMC 25 is apparently going to take at least a month to repair an escalator used to assist patrons down from its lofty cinematic heights, and the foyer of screening room 17, where "Parsifal" was shown, smelled as if someone had recently used it as a toilet. Aren't more effective cleaning products available to movie "palaces"?
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By stornay
Written June 24, 2017
Excellent production -- thought the Encore performances were done without the intermission features, so starting at 6:30 p.m. made it a very late night, especially for a weeknight. Would suggest cutting the intermission features or starting earlier. The musical performances were spectacular!
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By peterson.otis55
Written April 24, 2017
really loved the total lack of lilting irish tenors and prima donna sopranos! yet that can't save this opera based on convoluted profound misunderstandings of the gospel, what it says about a lost humanity the church has been saying for centuries. and waaaaaaaay better
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By compositor
Written March 25, 2017
Fantastic singers, chorus and orchestra,very imaginative production with original staging, lighting effects. One negative aspect: The introduction and the interviews during the intermissions suffered from an extremely low sound level, which did not improve at all even though several of those attending the performance - including me - went to the customer service desk at the theater (Regal Cinema at The Falls) and were assured the problem would not continue. The opportunity to hear the comments and observations by the various people involved in the production: singers, orchestra conductor, stage manager, production manager, etc., is one of the valuable features of these cinema presentations, which are not available to those who attend the live performances. It takes away from the enjoyment of the opera to its fullest, and it certainly detracts from the experience. Guillermo Rocha 5651 SW 88th Ave. Miami,FL 33173 305 915 9126
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The Metropolitan Opera: Parsifal Encore

By Grannyfox
Written March 30, 2017
While this movie/opera is very long, the singing and music is superb! It was a very different treatment with lots of fake blood symbolizing the torment of mankind. It is always interesting when you are taken backstage to see how they create the scenery and special effects. I appreciate your theatre for running the Met HD series. This movie/opera is not for kids but any adult who appreciates good music and opera will love it.
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