By Stanzi
Written January 18, 2017
I loved the content. FOUR problems at THIS THEATER Kips Bay theater. 1. Sound system could not cope with some of the music and turned tinny and off pitch 2. A damage in the screen marred the appearance of the projection,and looked like a big staple on a white shirt 3. During intermissions, the transmission and the house lights were inconsistent and unreliable. 4. The Synopsis passed around after almost everyone was seated was in the tiniest type imaginable
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The Metropolitan Opera: Parsifal Encore

By dgregson
Written August 27, 2016
Superb delayed video cast transmission from the MET in New York City. Incomparable masterpiece (Wagner's final opera, 'Parsifal'), with a matchless cast of singers. Magnificent staging with relevance to our times.
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An Operatic Nose of Wax

By beckg03
Written October 10, 2015
AMC Chesterfield, MO is lauded for hosting the Met Live/Encore series. Parsifal was sung and played extremely well, but the sets were so barren that, except for most of Act II, sitting through 6 hours was the most tedious experience of my life. The story is so ambiguous that I don't know which messages to attribute to the composer, the producer, the director or the actors. The 5 main characters are clear-cut, but what did Wagner mean to convey? In this version, "Kundry" did a spectacular job of leaving her motives unclear, but if this was meant to explain Wagner's personal sexual indiscretions, it appeared to suggest that women's attractiveness was so great that he had not been responsible for his behavior (not the Christian message I know) and the "temptress" (intentionally?) had to die in Act III to make room for the Holy Grail (what nonsense!). Probably scholars have published far better interpretations of this work. The score would be wonderful background music in my home.
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Wagner would turn over in his grave!

By dancingkim
Written July 25, 2016
Wagner's score and the singing of Jonas Kaufmann, Rene Pape and Katarina Dalayman were magnificent. Daniele Gatti's interpretation of the score was wonderful. The "production" was abysmal. "Production Designer" Francois Girard wanted it to be relevant today, but I found the lack of color and overly austere set dressing to be contrary to Wagner's vision for the work.. In the second act, the singers were standing ankle deep in "blood" which was the only color in the whole act! On the whole, I enjoyed it in spite of the darkness, austerity and ugliness of the set design. Wagner's transcendent music was not ruined by the visual, and was performed excellently by cast and orchestra. If you are a Wagner fan, by all means see it. If you aren't, don't waste 6 hours of your life!!
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