By wackford
Written August 28, 2016
Wonderful. One of the greatest lperformances I have ever experienced.
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Mixed Met-aphor

By paul.m.wortman
Written December 03, 2016
The Met's Parsifal tries unsuccessfully to take the myth into a modern or post-modern world. Unfortunately, to do that you have to also change the very clear Christian wording in the libretto. Moreover, the new sets are just plain awful--dark, depressing--the VERY antithesis of the uplifting, spiritual message that the myth portrays. How about a soaring cathedral-like (or mosque-like or synagogue-like) structure with luminous windows in Act I rather than a drab, dark field with men in white shirts. How about white robes? The blood bath sert in Hell in Act II is equally unimpressive and sounds the wrong note. How about a modern corporate office with its temptations? The dissonance these false sets with archaic language create makes for an uncomfortable viewing experiencing despite the vocal quality of the cast. I left after the second act!!
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By rjhselvin
Written August 24, 2016
The production was very interesting and the musice--soloists, orchestra, and chorua--were magnificent.
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Incredibly beautiful and powerful

By Norman Brock
Written March 03, 2013
One of the most extraordinary performances I've seen. The starting point is the divine music. But then add in a dream cast, the Met orchestra and chorus, and the very powerful new production, and you have the makings for a "perfect moment," when all the factors come together to make something that is transformative. The time flew by and I felt a sense of loss when it was done. The new production and direction really helped to underscore the story of Parsifal's journey, and the backstage glimpses during intermission were fascination.
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By drjchris
Written May 27, 2016
Fantastic opera. I will continue to come as long as you continue to carry the Met live HD operas. Well done.
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