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Loved it!

By AnnAlbin1
Written August 20, 2014
A must see for Wagner fans. If you can get a ticket for the re-broadcast do it. Just be sure to realize you need a good night's sleep before hand. The first act is 2 hours, so be prepared. The production is sublime and the singers are all just amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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By mcphersonmichael
Written September 02, 2014
First the positive report -- The theater (AMC 25 Empire; 42nd Street, NYC) was comfortable and the staff gave outstanding customer service. The opera was terrific. In fact it was the best performance of Parsifal I have ever seen. Now some less than positive -- One of the two elevators was out of order; none of the up escalators were working. It was chaos to attempt to get to the 5th floor where Parsifal was being shown. At the end, one down escalator was working for one floor but not the next; people (quite elderly) were walking down the stairs. There was no crowd control at the bottom of the working escalators and there nearly was a calamity when people continued to attempt to get off the escalator only to find themselves bumping into those who just got off.
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By lakeclifftexas
Written March 04, 2013
Kaufmann was amazing, and Dalayman and Mattei were outstanding. Pape was marvelous, and nearly stole the show. The production, including sets, projections and costumes, were very effective. As usual, the intermission interviews were interesting and informative.
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Mixed Met-aphor

By paul.m.wortman
Written August 20, 2014
The Met's Parsifal tries unsuccessfully to take the myth into a modern or post-modern world. Unfortunately, to do that you have to also change the very clear Christian wording in the libretto. Moreover, the new sets are just plain awful--dark, depressing--the VERY antithesis of the uplifting, spiritual message that the myth portrays. How about a soaring cathedral-like (or mosque-like or synagogue-like) structure with luminous windows in Act I rather than a drab, dark field with men in white shirts. How about white robes? The blood bath sert in Hell in Act II is equally unimpressive and sounds the wrong note. How about a modern corporate office with its temptations? The dissonance these false sets with archaic language create makes for an uncomfortable viewing experiencing despite the vocal quality of the cast. I left after the second act!!
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Long and a little slow

By barbhelm
Written August 23, 2014
Acts 1 and 3 are so slow; Act 2 is wonderful.
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