Don't miss the re-play!

By John Seleski
Written August 23, 2016
One of the best performances I've ever heard out of the Met. That's with 45 years of listening experience. Production was thought-provoking, singing exceptional--each role was perfectly cast. May be tough going for the opera-newbie, but well worth the effort! Agree with the earlier poster: so good it made the 5.5 hours fly by!!!
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Loved it!

By AnnAlbin1
Written June 25, 2016
A must see for Wagner fans. If you can get a ticket for the re-broadcast do it. Just be sure to realize you need a good night's sleep before hand. The first act is 2 hours, so be prepared. The production is sublime and the singers are all just amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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Terrific! Met in HD "Parsifal"

By bobinoup
Written August 26, 2016
This was a spectacular opera performance and I am grateful to the Met and Fredericksburg Regal 14 for making it available to the local public. The singing acting and production were terrific.
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By Schabert
Written September 01, 2015
Excellent! Die beste Wagnerinszenierung, die ich je gesehen habe. Viel besser, als die derzeitigen Inszenierungen in Bayreuth. Endlich ein Regisseur, der sich nicht selbst verwirklichen will, sondern durch minimalistische Inszenierung das Stück wirken läßt.. So kann man das Stück verstehen und nicht sich abgestoßen fühlen von den verqueren Gedanken wildgewordener Regisseure. Daß die Sänger außerirdisch gut singen rundet die herausragende Aufführung ab. P.M.S.
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The Marathon of All Operas !!

By wcoperabuff1
Written May 30, 2016
Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of much of Wagner's operas, and Parsifal is no exception to that; but, I chose to attend this performance principally to (a) hear/see J. Kaufmann in a full-length opera, and (b) experience this brand-new, updated Francois Girard production of this piece. I was not disappointed at the results of either expectation. And, despite the fact that, IMO, Wagner took way too long (5+ hours !!) to get this "spiritual message" told, with action that was far too slow-paced, the vocal performances of Kaufmann, Rene Pape, and Peter Mattei were remarkable; Dalayman's Kundry was well-acted, but her voice didn't move me much.
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