Parsifal MET Opera

By jscott469
Written May 25, 2016
Greatly enjoyed Kaufmann's performance......he is the tenor of this generation!! Less than thrilled with the production/setting.....I felt the setting/production missed Wagner's essential theme. For Wagner enthusiasts it is a MUST SEE!
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By carolwgarrett
Written December 04, 2016
Fabulous production by the New York Metropolitan Opera Company!! The entire production was incredible! The talent was the finest and it was long but we would not have missed it!! Bravo!!
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By mcphersonmichael
Written April 29, 2016
First the positive report -- The theater (AMC 25 Empire; 42nd Street, NYC) was comfortable and the staff gave outstanding customer service. The opera was terrific. In fact it was the best performance of Parsifal I have ever seen. Now some less than positive -- One of the two elevators was out of order; none of the up escalators were working. It was chaos to attempt to get to the 5th floor where Parsifal was being shown. At the end, one down escalator was working for one floor but not the next; people (quite elderly) were walking down the stairs. There was no crowd control at the bottom of the working escalators and there nearly was a calamity when people continued to attempt to get off the escalator only to find themselves bumping into those who just got off.
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Parsifal - Met HD Live Production

By eyefish
Written February 14, 2016
Parsifal is lengthy & takes you on a personal journey perhaps in some unsettling ways. The transmission was great for actual performance & backstage interviews. The sound quality was excellent. The balcony seating was a great find - no rattling papers, slurping sodas, cell phones ringing and above all else it was clean. Draw Back - balcony lighting during two 20 minute intermissions was poor and needs to be improved so one can read notes related to the performance, etc.
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By DezzertFoxx
Written March 06, 2013
I was so disappointed. The music is gorgeous, the performances were excellent. But the direction and staging were: tedious, pretentious, opaque, soporific, and boring. I left at the first intermission.
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