the metropolitan opera opening night

By ala937
Written September 28, 2008
for $20. to see all that great music!! down side was the poor lighting, scenes were colorless.My theater (Edwards, Fresno, Ca) was very cold. Left after 3 hrs, too long, and too cold.I would like to see it without all of the interviews,but hopefully the next production will just be Opera.I will be there.
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metropolitan opera

By atgardener
Written September 30, 2008
The sound system at the Regal Theatre in Victor, N.Y. had some problems. I hope that thet are corrected before the next opera! We do love the idea of the broadcasts!!!!!!!!!!
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By Lilac_Girl
Written September 26, 2008
Great coverage of Opening Night Gala. Many interesting features. Excellent Mistress of Ceremonies. bonus: Mixed drink recipe from Martha Stewart.
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met opening night

By gerontius
Written September 25, 2008
the "Capriccio" scene was by far the most successful act of the night. Her voice is ideally suited to the arc of the Strauss line. The costume in the "Traviata" act was ludicrous.
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HD Live Gala Metropolitan Opera Opening Night

By Henrietta Boo
Written September 25, 2008
The whole production live from the stage of the Met in NYC was spectular. The interviews before the performance and during the intermissions were interesting. I especially loved watching the stage being set up for the next act. Gary Halvorson is a very good director. Unfortunately, the three women sitting next to me were especially rude. Speaking in normal voice instead of whispering was distracting. When asked to whisper, they threw me a harsh look and continued chatting. The one woman sitting next to me ate her popcorn in the loudest way possible, crumpling the bag loudly every time she took a handful of popcorn. When she was finished eating, she began picking her teeth and flicking whatever on the floor! Disgusting! It was difficult concentrating on the screen.
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