Metropolitan Opera

By nap1130
Written September 27, 2008
Opera lovers must see and experience.
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Metropolitan Opera Gala

By bsan43
Written September 25, 2008
This was a stunning performance. It was my first of the opera series and I was enormously impressed. To be able to get to the "Met" in NY for $20 bucks is an incredible luxury. I've been to the Met for Opera's and the actual views of the performers, musicians and back stage activities is even better than being there. I personally shall see more of these this year and highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't tried this series yet.
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125th Metropolitan Opera Season Opening Night Gala Starring Renée Fleming

By worthyartlover
Written September 25, 2008
Renée Fleming - the exceptional and awesome soprano (fully qualified Diva though never with the airs of one) sang a complete scene from THREE totally different operas in Italian, French and German: La Traviata (Act II) – Verdi; Manon (Act III) – Massenet; Capriccio (Final Scene) – Richard Strauss. There will be more spectacular operas and music to come for our enjoyment and 'therapy' so I encourage everyone to check out the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD series at your local movie theatre. The list of other opera performances and dates are at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] and you can check the movie theaters where they'll be shown in HD at [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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Metropolitan Opening Night Gala

By bestmusic
Written September 24, 2008
The talent, presentation, and choreography were fabulous. The only downside was that the amplifier in the theater was (as usual) turned up WAY TOO HIGH! I take ear plugs to compensate for this, but that results in excessive attenuation of the highs, resulting in a muffled sound which degrades the quality. Why do all these theatres insist in blaring at 120 decibels (hearing damage begins at 85)? That is a slight exaggeration, but I have checked with a sound level meter and they are always well over 85. Do they think we are kids at a rock concert?
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The Metropolitan Opera: Opening Night Gala

By broikido
Written September 27, 2008
Renee Fleming and the other singers were fabulous. Too bad the sound didn't get in sinc earlier. It was frustrating to miss so much of the beginning.Hopefully this won't happen with the rest of the performances this season.
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