what a treat!

By mleo33
Written September 29, 2008
just wonderful and so informative
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The Met Opening Night Gala

By ecbush
Written September 23, 2008
Thank you to Clackamas Century theater for presenting the Met HD performances. There was a good turnout for the 4.5 hour broadcast. This evening was longer than others will be, and it was tiring to wait through the long intermissions watching opera-goers in NYC drink champagne, while we only had ice cream and popcorn. But the backstage tours and interviews made the time between performances more interesting. Renee Fleming was fantastic. Singing excerpts from three very different roles in La Traviata, Manon (Massenet), and Capriccio (Strauss), she had a long evening herself, but radiated such beauty and showed wonderful acting skills, while her lovely voice soared. Best scene: Manon seducing the Abbe. Hot! Best costume: the evening wrap of the Countess in Capriccio. Stunning! Funniest moment: a long thread of feather from the stunning wrap clung to Renee's back. She managed to get it off by scratching her back against a harp, like a bear scratching itself on a tree. Subtle!
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Opening Night Metropolitan Opera

By rajabengal
Written October 11, 2008
This is the second year that I am attending the Met broadcasts in HD. It is the first time that I have been to opening night and probably the last. The commentary went on and on and the actual program didn't start for nearly an hour.The entire evening was four hours which I find excessive. Generally, I love the Met HD broadcasts and think it is a great service to the public (like me) who are unable to attend the live operas. I do think, however, that it was the last time I will be attending opening night in HD.
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review-Metropolitan Opera opener

By reviewmaven
Written October 01, 2008
It was a wonderful experience. We saw more than the audience at the Met did. We viewed the changing of the sets and the gentlemans 'cues that the lights were out and the call to the conductor to approach the stage. We saw the wigs to be used and the wonderful jewelry to be worn by Renee Fleming. Above and beyond all of this, we heard quite clearly wonderful music and witnessed gorgeous singing. Renee Fleming was in top form and her ability to sing the acts from Traviata and Manon and then to sing as she did the act from Capriccio was phenominal and absolutely a tour de force. Thomas Hampson was in wonderful voice, as was Ramon Vargas and everyone else. The interviews conducted by Deborah Voight in Times Square and those conducted be Susan Graham were so interesting. I loved it all, and will attend further HD performances in the future. The only negative I can think of, and this is really " picking at hairs," so to speak, was that the sound was somewhat too loud in the theatre.
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met opera

By ipw
Written September 27, 2008
wonderful way to go to the opera!
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