I missed a wonderful performance ( so i heard)

By Waltraudrb
Written April 30, 2017
I am so sorry that I had to miss the showing of Maria Stuarda on Sat. Jan. 19. Can I get a refund for my tickets (2) ? A rain check for another showing ? a different opera?
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By TwoHFarm
Written December 02, 2016
Voight was a most gracious host and asked some very interesting questions which she could bring due to her experiences. DiDonato was an exceptional Mary singing the role with overwhelming feeling just beautifully! She brought such a power to the part with her rich voice and interpretation. van den Heever played and sang Elizabeth with surprising warmth and yet a coldness that was necessary to the part. Even the 3 men were excellent in their singing. 4 of us were deeply moved by this most dramatic opera. This performance was SUPERB!
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Met Maria Stuarda

By amalioc
Written October 28, 2016
Impeccable presentation. Ms. Di Donato did an outstanding job like the rest of the cast. It is a blessing that viewers like me can see Met Operas and provide us with so much culture at a reasonable price. Let me know when the DVD is available. Amalio
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Maria Stuarda

By Bon123
Written January 17, 2017
Absolutely riveting opera. Joyce DiDonato and Elze van den Heever outdid themselves vocally and with unbelievable acting. I've seldom seen acting to rival theirs on the opera stage. Donizetti's work will now be performed more often here I'm sure. The costumes alone, especially Elze's, who played Queen Elizabeth, were worth the trip.
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Maria Stuarda, by its art, creates a new reality

By starlove
Written March 23, 2017
The Metropolitan Opera's magnificent portrayal of Maria Stuarda not only awakens our curiosity, and the scholarly intrigue, about the Elizabethan era of the late 16th century. It also, by the superb performance of Joyce DiDonato in the role of Mary Stuart, creates a new reality in our perspective on that crucial time. In the final scene, Mary actually forgives the Queen for sentencing her to death, beseeching the Almighty not to let Elizabeth's terrible deed interfere with the success of the Queen, and thus the forward movement of the Empire. Now that's quite an act, for which Mary exceeds even her most revered predecessors among Christian martyrs. What Mary does goes beyond conventional heroism to stake out a new territory in dramatic, operatic art. Unbelievable! The portrayal of Queen Elizabeth is also unique, although somewhat mystifying. Elizabeth -- the originator of the Elizabethan Compromise -- is cast by Donizetti as evil. That's something to ponder, in our own time.
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