Maria Stuarda

By TyrillaB
Written May 26, 2017
The live Met feeds are incredible, great sound system, like being at the Met only more comfortable.
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Great bel canto perfomances

By russellsw
Written June 25, 2016
Both Elizabeth and Mary were beautifully sung and expertly acted, as were Leicester, Cecil and, especially Talbot. The production is traditional, but didn't interfere with the singers' presentations. Chorus and orchestra were especially outstanding. See it at the encore or when it comes out (as I'm sure it will) on DVD.
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Once Again the Riverview Theater in Philadelphia Disappoints its Audience

By cynthiajeiseman
Written July 28, 2016
Since the beginning of the Metropolitan Opera simulcasts, the Riverview Theater on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia has disappointed its audience by presenting LOUSY sound. The sound is never loud enough. The volume is often so low that one can scarcely hear the audio. This is not the way to see and hear an opera. Friends have consistently and continously complained to management, during the performance, at intermissions, and after the end of the performance. Nothing ever changes. No accommodation is made. At every simulcast the volume is too low. I don't care about the Rivervies Theater and its business, but I do care about the Metropolitan Opera and its simulcasts. If the Riverview Theater management does not accommodate its audiences' wishes, they will soon find that their audience will go elsewhere. If anyone has any ideas about how to solve this problem, I hope they will take action. My rating "OH NO" reflects the sound quality, not the performance.
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Maria Stuarda

By flickchick_839
Written May 25, 2017
This LIVE in HD performance broadcast from New York City was BEAUTIFULLY done. The principal characters--especially the two females--were exquisite!!! I loved the set design and costuming choices and IF YOU'VE NEVER ATTENDED a LIVE in HD broadcast or Encore! performance--DO IT!!! Part of the beauty of the experience are the interviews that occur/are shown during Intermission. It helps so much to understand and appreciate the FULL depth and breadth of the production and performance decisions. This is a lovely opera, and this performance of it is Top Notch!!! SEE IT!!! (I think I'm going to attend the Encore! because the original was so great!!!)
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Maria Stuarda

By Marschalin
Written April 26, 2017
It was an unexpectedly overwhelming experience. The voices, the acting the sets, and even the fictionlized history of Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor were incredibly moving.Joyce di Donato is already a national treasure. I'm enjoying the simulcasts more than the live performnces. Brava!
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