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Maria Stuardia

By hpkagey
Written January 20, 2013
Nicely done with wonderful staging. Donna DiDonato's (Mary Stuart) arais were quite well done. Great supporting cast.
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Maria Stuarda

By operahdbam
Written January 21, 2013
As a fan of Joyce DiDonato, I was eager to see this opera, and was not disappointed. Her portrayal of exiled queen Mary of Scots was poignant, regal, determined, forgiving. Queen Elizabeth was not quite the villain, but never a sympathetic character. The camera work was revealing but not intrusive; e.g., Elizabeth's hand motion of the flourish under her signature, and her sealing with her signet ring. I wonder whether the in-house audience was able to see them. In a concert hall, it is not possible to see the facial expressions that are so evident on camera. I especially like the backstage interviews with the principals. It was obvious that the movie-house audience felt connected to the stage action because there was applause after arias and at the end. This was our third opera in HD, and I continue to recommend the experience. I am looking forward to future productions.
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Beautiful singing, sumptuous production

By fart4art
Written February 18, 2013
This is a very enjoyable opera of the Queen Elizabeth and Mary story. The two female lead singers Elza van den Heever as Elizabeth and Joyce DiDonato as Mary are superb. The rest of the cast are also excellent. Production values are up to the usual Met polish.
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maria stuarda

By whalerock
Written July 26, 2014
It was wonderful and the singing was sublime.
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exquisite in every way

By zazu pitts
Written January 20, 2013
This was my first time seeing a simulcast HD opera and I loved it! When I have attended the Met in person the performers were 1" tall but here they are bigger than life and so is the music. Splendid! Of course Joyce DiDonato is impeccable and so was the rest of the cast. Now I'm smitten and want to see all of them this way.
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