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By Prof3025
Written October 28, 2014
What a spectacular performance. The staging, the voices, the sets the costumes none of it could have been better. Also sitting in a comfortable seat and being up close it was a most enjoyable afternoon. One could ask for nothing more., For anyone whop has not taken advantage of seeing a live performance from the Met I urge you to seek out a theater close to home for a most rewarding experience.
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Beautiful singing, sumptuous production

By fart4art
Written October 22, 2014
This is a very enjoyable opera of the Queen Elizabeth and Mary story. The two female lead singers Elza van den Heever as Elizabeth and Joyce DiDonato as Mary are superb. The rest of the cast are also excellent. Production values are up to the usual Met polish.
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Extraordinary performance!

By josetacoronte
Written September 17, 2014
For someone who knows and loves opera but has never had the opportunity to go backstage and see how the work is put together, going to see a production such as Maria Stuarda is a real treat and an eye-opener. Not only is the HD production incredibly well focused, but the most minute details of the singers and their actions are shown in a way that no one, even sitting on the first row of the theater or even being part of the set of actors, are able to see. In the live production of Maria Stuarda, beyond the impeccable singing of the two queens, their acting was shown in a manner that only someone watching the production as I did, was capable of digesting and enjoying. Superb is the only word I can use to review the opera.
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I missed a wonderful performance ( so i heard)

By Waltraudrb
Written December 17, 2014
I am so sorry that I had to miss the showing of Maria Stuarda on Sat. Jan. 19. Can I get a refund for my tickets (2) ? A rain check for another showing ? a different opera?
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By RutieEck
Written December 26, 2014
A very dramatic presentation and I must say I was most impressed by the stage design and costumes this time. Colorful, impressive and well-proportioned for the whole stage (unlike some of the previous shows).
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