Maria Stuarda was wonderful

By Island_sunshine
Written May 05, 2016
My first experience at HD and seeing the Met. It was truly amazing. I could never see everything as closely as with HD. The acoustics in the Regency Theatre in Jacksonville is terrific. It was very emotional and must admit to tears nearing the end. Can't wait for Feb 16th so I can see Rigoletto. Thanks to all that have made this available.
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Maria Stuarda Marvelous

By brenbyr
Written June 29, 2016
A rich and powerful opera experience. Joyce DeDonato is especially impressive.for her powerful singing and emotional range, but the total package of misic, voices, costumes, staging is remarkable.
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By TwoHFarm
Written May 23, 2015
Voight was a most gracious host and asked some very interesting questions which she could bring due to her experiences. DiDonato was an exceptional Mary singing the role with overwhelming feeling just beautifully! She brought such a power to the part with her rich voice and interpretation. van den Heever played and sang Elizabeth with surprising warmth and yet a coldness that was necessary to the part. Even the 3 men were excellent in their singing. 4 of us were deeply moved by this most dramatic opera. This performance was SUPERB!
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By Prof3025
Written June 28, 2016
What a spectacular performance. The staging, the voices, the sets the costumes none of it could have been better. Also sitting in a comfortable seat and being up close it was a most enjoyable afternoon. One could ask for nothing more., For anyone whop has not taken advantage of seeing a live performance from the Met I urge you to seek out a theater close to home for a most rewarding experience.
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Some of the High Points of the Year in the Arts !

By seventh
Written June 29, 2016
Opera has held high interest for most of my life but the Met Opera in HD experience has increased my joy with its intensity to the point of my not ever wanting to miss an HD production. This is even though attending the Met whenever I'm in New York is obligatory . . the vibes there can't be duplicated elsewhere. But the immediacy and impact of what can be provided so adroitly on the screen does not happen in the originating hall. It is an entirely new medium that has been produced. My gratitude for Joseph Gelb for bringing to our senses the theatre production excitement, with sets that astound, voices that enlarge the heart, acting that is deeply involving, technical usage that may not be noticed but does provide opera that is worthy of the highest expectations. It is opera, a traditional form, brought to creative new levels for the next generations. I so thank you, Mr. Gelb, for what you have accomplished with the grand dame . . opera. Edna Bradford Ratner
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