A Wonderful Manon

By old_geek_dude
Written July 24, 2016
I don't think that the Met could have taken on a better soprano than Anna Netrebko to sing Manon. Piotr Bezcala's de Grieux was superb as well. Massanet's Manon is less well-known than Puccini's Manon Lescaut, but undeservedly so, I think. The music is ravishing, the story more believable (no deaths in the great desert just north of New Orleans), and Laurent Pelly's new production (albeit updated to a century later) worked. I'll watch it again when it comes to the Met's "on demand" site. Highly recommended.
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By saritahj
Written April 26, 2012
It's hard to imagine a more beautiful singer, a more wonderful actress, or anyone with a richer, more beautiful voice than Anna Netrebko. Her leading man, Piotr Beczala was also fabulous. And together, they definitely have charisma. On the other hand, it's also clear why Manon is not frequently on the repertoire - it just doesn't compare, story-wise or musically, to classics such as Traviata, Boheme, Carmen, Butterfly, Aida or a host of other operas. Nevertheless, I applaud the Met for exploring lesser known operas. Personally, I didn't think the austere and stark production added in any way to story nor did it give the production the feeling of Nineteenth Century Paris. But my main gripe was the muffled poor quality of the sound system. I don't know whether this was the fault of the Met Opera recording system, or the cinema house, but it seriously impacted on the experience. This is opera after all....
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The Opera Manon

By rgallion
Written April 27, 2012
I was amazed to have seen this opera, up close and personal! Nothing replaces an in person stage presentation. This was so exciting. Watching the close ups of the singers gave me goose pimples. I especially liked the comments made by the conductor and the principal performers. An added treat was the changing of the sets between acts. The music was delightful. It expresses passion, ang I trigue. I can't wait for the next opera in the series. This venue is the best value for the money!
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Beautiful Manon

By davidk954
Written April 27, 2012
Having been an avid opera attendee for over 50 years, (I'm 62 now), I've seen a lot of good and bad. Great and terrible. Memorable and forgettable. I'll be brief in this review. It was lovely. The conductor, Fabio Luisi is more than able and drew a powerful performance from his players, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, arguably among the finest. The singers were all first rate. Anna Netrebko is a force of nature. In an opera like Manon, she is in her element, rather than the Donizetti coloratura operas. From the coquette in the opening act, all the way to the final act, where she dies a terribly dramatic death her acting was most impressive. Her singing was first rate. Her lyricism is remarkable and her cantabile passages are sweet. Her high notes are clear, bright and ample. The tenor, (I canont spell his name) was handsome and splendid, as was Georg Szot as her cousin Lescaut. All in all, a great evening of opera. Live from the Met is the best.
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Stellar Performance

By armuse44
Written April 26, 2012
I loved every minute of it: Anna Netrepkow simply is magnificent: incredible talent, voice, acting!
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