Madama Butterfly

By Entertain_Viv
Written September 29, 2016
Positively the most BRILLIANT operatic experience for me. My absolute new favorite format. Was as if I was sitting on the stage myself! State-of-the-Art technology in every form. Incredible minimalist set decor - Antony Minghella a GENIUS. Tragic that this was his one and only opera production. Puppets; oragami and lanterns were magical. Costuming beautiful. There were a few that were stunning with their intricacy and vibrant colors. Kudos to the 3 that manipulated Butterfly's son, they were fantastically animated and believable in the magic that was their hands. Adored the backstage interviews. Music and story stayed with me through weekend. Fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning. Thank you Metropolian Opera for this wonderful and memorable experience!
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Madama Butterfly Encore

By AdagioatMSN
Written May 14, 2016
I have serious doubts about Anthony Minghella's ideas on this production, making me wonder if he read the script. Sometimes, in an effort to produce something new, I think the Met makes some very odd choices, and this is one of them. Rather than make Butterfly's family look like they just came from the stage of a Chinese-inspired Cirque du Soliel performance of the Mikado, he should have kept to the traditional Japanese theme. She came from a poor family, after all, and all of the extravagance of the costumes only distracted from the story. Similarly, the Bunraku-inspired puppet used to represent Butterfly's child, Trouble, was interesting, but the three puppet operators (whose faces and expressions you could see behind their veils) were another distraction from the story. That said, I could not fault the singing. Patricia Racette and Maria Zifchak were excellent as Butterfly and Suzuki. Marcello Giordani was a convincing Pinkerton, and I was also impressed by David Won as Yamadori.
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Met Opera - Madame Butterfly

By Karl Boekelheide
Written March 24, 2009
Fabulous show. The singing was spectacular. My reference had been Renata Tebaldi from the 50's. This is at least as good.
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Madama Butterfly

By Sufran
Written March 24, 2009
This production was EXQUISITE!!! My friend and I had tears streaming down our faces. The puppetry was incredibly well done. I wished I had a DVD version too --- to watch many more times! It was really beautifully done....
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madame butterfly

By sybilpine
Written April 02, 2009
Thanks for these performances. It is a complete pleasure beinb able to see the opera at the movies.
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