By 0perafan
Written February 07, 2009
No Contact Us link listed on Web site. Just tried to buy a ticket; last screen said Please wait/special offer on the way, but progress bar said Done, and I had nothing on the screen after waiting 2-3 minutes. So: did I buy a ticket? How will I ever know? Fandango never refunds, they say, so I feel scammed.
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Another magnificent Metropolitan Opera Live production

By fredtowers
Written May 04, 2015
Madama Butterfly was another magnificent Metropolitan Opera Live production. I had seen this production at the Met in New York back when it opened in 2006, and the MetOperaLive performance was even better than being there, in my opinion. As is typical of all these MetOperaLive telecasts, the set appears much darker than it does in real life, probably because the cameras used in Lincoln Center are just not sensitive enough (yet?) for the brightness of the lights in the opera house. The sound was excellent, as usual, and the backstage interviews during the intermission were much better than standing in line for a drink at the live performance. Two of these MetOperaLive productions (Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin and Bellini's I Puritani) are now available on Blu-ray DVDs for home viewing. Hopefully others will come soon because it will be great to see repeat performances. Thanks again for these live productions here in Naples FL.
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Madama Butterfly

By cooktimo
Written March 10, 2009
I loved it ! More please !
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Madama Butterfly

By oldbean
Written March 08, 2009
The spare sets and dramatic lighting only highlighted the great singing and costumes. The use of Japanese ideas was very refreshing. At first I was aware of the age of the stars, but as time passed it became a non issue. They were that good.
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By maggiema7
Written March 08, 2009
Absolutely breathtaking...I saw it at the Met last Fall, where I was able to take in the total panarama of the staging, which is stunning. This up-close version was a nice way to get another look at this. The staging is magnificent. THE BUNRAKU PUPPETRY IS GLORIOUS!!! When watching in person, the puppeteers fade into the background as intended. In this close-up look, we were able to see the emotions of the puppeteers on their faces thru the scrim masks, and you can see that they are acting their puppet's part; when the baby is happy, their faces are happy; when the baby is sad or confused, the puppeteers are there all the way. Their total involvement is what lends the emotional reality to a little wooden boy...they are not just manipulating him, they are living him. MUST SEE! I also think this is a wonderful treat, to provide the Met across the country to those of us who can't always get to the city to see productions in person.
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