The Metropolitan Opera: Madama Butterfly Synopsis
Karel Mark Chichon conducts a live performance of Puccini's "Madama Butterfly."

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By 0perafan
No Contact Us link listed on Web site. Just tried to buy a ticket; last screen said Please wait/special offer on the way, but progress bar said Done, and I had nothing on the screen after waiting...

Another magnificent Metropolitan Opera Live production

By fredtowers
Madama Butterfly was another magnificent Metropolitan Opera Live production. I had seen this production at the Met in New York back when it opened in 2006, and the MetOperaLive performance was even...

Madama Butterfly

By cooktimo
I loved it ! More please !...

Madama Butterfly

By oldbean
The spare sets and dramatic lighting only highlighted the great singing and costumes. The use of Japanese ideas was very refreshing. At first I was aware of the age of the stars, but as time passed...


By maggiema7
Absolutely breathtaking...I saw it at the Met last Fall, where I was able to take in the total panarama of the staging, which is stunning. This up-close version was a nice way to get another look at...

Madama Butterrfly

By maypetwego
As I understand it, Puccini was looking for a petite singer with a powerful voice to play the fifteen year old Madam Butterfly. The person playing Madam Butterfly had the powerful voice, but not the...

The Met--Butterfly.

By computer_geek
First, the bad news: Butterfly is supposed to be a beautiful 15-year old girl; she was played by an ageing porker. That being said, the Porker did a wonderful acting job--you could almost believe...

A day at the opera

By CribbageWitch
This was the best production of Madam Butterfly i have ever experienced....

Madama Butterfly

By GordonA1
Wonderful performance by the Met. Enjoyed the simplicity of the set design, and the creative use of pupetry. Picture clarity was superior, sound was excellent. Our theatre was sold out -- again....

Madama Butterfly

By op-buff
It was a spectacular production by Anthony Menghala . Patricia Ranette has one of he most powerful and magnificent voices in Opera today The puppetry was a fantastic integration of two arts . It...

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