By wanderer0621
Written February 06, 2009
Anna Nebtrenko and Roland Villazon! I should not need to say ANY more if you like opera. They are so amazing. This event is sold out at the MET, and sold out at so many theaters already.. DO NOT MISS IT! (I can say that now after I printed my ticket!)
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Movie theater sound versus Opera House sound

By MuscleCBT
Written February 08, 2009
If you like you theater sound systems to be 30 to 33 dB louder than you'd ever hear in a live theater, with high frequencies boosted enough to stick needles into your ears, you'll love the Metropolitan Opera live in HD in a theater near you. For these simulcasts the camera to zooms in close enough to count every pore and wrinkle when a singer goes for a high note just to make sure you see every bit of the effort involved. Projecting a voice over a full orchestra into a house that seats 3800 without using a microphone is a lot of work, but do we have to me reminded of that every instant? Due to superior casting and conducting, and the remarkable staging of Mary Zimmerman the Lucia of Feb 7 was able to impress despite the active sabotage of the sound pick-up and video capture. Maybe they thought that they were just making the experience more 'immediate'. As it is, what they present is assault. Singing artists of this caliber deserve better than this.
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Written February 07, 2009
I'm an opera fan - A new star in the tenor who had to substitute at the last minute. WOW ! This will be a new classic performance for the ages. Everyone did a flawless job, and Ann N was above excellent. This her first performance at the met since the birth of her son in september. If you did not see it today, be sure to see the encoreS scheduled. The story is of course traditional "Romeo and Juliet " set in Scotland and a showpiece for coloratura sopranos - the few- the very few who can do it. staging was excellent. ARBE
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Lucia di Lammermoor - Metropolitan Opera

Written February 08, 2009
My first experience attending a live opera in a theatre. A wonderful experience. This Opera is very intense and wonderfully performed by all. I also really enjoyed the backstage interviews and seeing what is involved in the setup of each act.
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Lucia di Lammermoor - Metropolitan Opera HD Live

By operabuff1
Written February 08, 2009
A wondrously good performance of one of the greatest operas in the repertoire. The transmission was riveting and included fabulous back-stage scenes and interviews. Not to be missed.
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