Les Troyens

By sanmilton
Written October 24, 2016
Excellent production of one of the grandest, most challenging operas of them all, as only (probably) the Met could do it. A revival of the 2003 production, with excellent performances by Deborah Voigt (Cassandra), Bryan Hymel (Aeneas), and Susan Graham (Dido). This was the encore (on January 23rd) of the live telecast (from January 5th), so, although I rate it "GO," you may have to look for it on PBS as one of its Great Performances telecasts. Music and libretto is by Hector Berlioz, based on Virgil's Aeneid. Five acts with two intermissions, running almost five and a half hours. (Then there's Wagner's "Gotterdammerung"!)
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Les Troyens

By uncledonnienyc
Written February 21, 2017
The enormity of the work is sweeping... emotional and the libretto as well as the magnificent music makes for the complete experience. The cast was top tier Metropolitan Opera quality and the transmission both sound and visual brought you up close and very personal. I was a subscriber to the Met for many years and until last year had tremendous seats at the opera house, seeing the productions on the big screen makes for a totally different experience.. Though nothing can repleicate the feeling of seeing live performance, the HD transmissions make for a very good second choise.
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Powerful, moving, fabulous performance

By dontwantaname
Written August 28, 2016
What an outstanding performance this was - especially from Brian Hymel - what a singer. He has ALL the chops necessary for this opera, and it was glorious singing!! Bravo, especially to him. Susan Graham and Deborah Voigt were outstanding, as was all the cast, in fact. Real drama, attention to detail, practical movements necessary for the drama without being ridiculously demanding on the singers, etc. Obviously I liked it a LOT. Chorus did a wonderful job - they are sounding so good these years!!
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Great experience!

By Guillote
Written August 26, 2016
It was my first time in a Met production. And it was great. And it was also my first approach to Les Troyens. It was a beautiful production, the "behind the stage" sections are great, very sensitive and informative at the same time. And the camera movements, the sound quality, and the picture it was just great. And of course, as any opera, you will have an old lady next to you trying to open a candy for about 5 hours (lol). Over hall, it was great, and there should be premiers also in weekdays, like Les Troyens. Most of this premiers are on Saturday only, but it would be a good day to add an extra day on Tue or Wed.
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Epic grandeur!

By diaphora
Written February 12, 2016
yes it was long!! and for a person without "classical" education [meaning knowledge of the Greek and Roman culture] a lot of name dropping of obscure names. But for those for whom each nugget adds layers of meaning - a rich banquet. And, not less, the ghost of Shakespeare hovers over the action: the comic relief of two "lower class sailors" to open Act V, counterpoints the grief and hysteria, and whole rainbow of emotions that Berlioz evokes. Looking at other productions [admittedly on YouTube], I appreciated the current Met production as "lavish", and "dynamic" with lots of crowd/chorus action. This is an opera that leans heavily on crowd scenes. The principal lead singers were stunning - believable people - way beyond the "park and bark" stereotype of bad acting in bygone decades. I confess I did yawn a bit at the sheer length and number of dance sequences, but I also know that this was an intrinsic part of 19th century spectacle. Great show!!
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