Les Troyens - a Tour de Force

By Bon123
Written May 24, 2015
I'm not much of a fan of French opera, Italian is my passion. But this got great reviews in the New York Times, and there's a new tenor on the scene, Bryan Hymel, who stepped in when the Met's original tenor stepped down. He was superlative, as were other members of the cast, especially Susan Graham. It's five plus hours long, but there are two intermissions. The second act I could do without - it was boring, as there was little action and way too much ballet and singing that were so repetitive as to lull you to sleep. But the first and the third acts were fine. The staging was spectacular. I would still never add this opera to my DVD collection, but I am very glad I went. This is a seldom performed opera because very few opera houses have the resources to put this spectacle on. Belioz himself died without ever seeing the opera performed in its entirety.
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Les Troyens

By pollysowell
Written January 06, 2013
Awful! Boring! I left in the middle. Sadly, special effects people are replacing beautiful music and singing with fancy scenery and gadgets. It is not opera any more. At first I thought opera in HD was great because we could see the singers facial expressions, but it has gone down hill so fast that I may not go anymore.
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Les Troyens

By adwoman
Written July 31, 2015
I don't think I ever would have chosen to see this at the Met, given the financial and time commitment, but HD Live was the perfect way to see this epic production and try something other than my addiction a to Puccini/Verdi operas with their traditional arias. I felt it was mind-expanding, truly one of the largest scaled operas I had ever seen, and it all came home with Bryan Hymel's aria in the last act. He is a super star. I really appreciated the back-stage looks during intermission, and using a movie theatre bathroom was a better experience than the Met's bathroom. It's not the same as live music, but it's a terrific experience. I signed up for Rigoletto, the Las Vegas version in February. The rehearsal interviews really whetted my appetite. Lynne in NYC
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By clarita11127
Written January 06, 2013
This was a fantastic opera, it has everything in it. wonderful score, great singing, attractive ballets and a larger than life legend to which we can still relate these days. I loved it so much that I am seriously considering going back to the encore to see it again. It is a real and rare treat. I will certainly buy the DVD as soon as it comes out.
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Metropolitan Opera "Les Troyens"

By brbraimondi
Written June 04, 2015
At first I thought, wow, five hours plus, but I pre-ordered my ticket, packed a little snack and off I went. This is a great theatre to view these HD broadcasts, Woodland Hills AMC, CA. I was so taken with the performances and the production that the time literally flew by. I didn't realize how much ballet there was in the opera, but it added to the dramatics of the story quite well. The difference between the first part, Troy, with it's visual feeling of impending doom, was so well done. The second part, in Carthage, was a lovely glimmering white, touches of gold, and joy among the inhabitants. Of course, as in most operas, it does not end well with invevitable death and despair. The singers were outstanding. Doborah Voight, as Cassandra, conveyed her prophecies very powerfully. She was the highlight of the first part. Susan Graham was a lovely Dido, but the great joy was Bryan Hymel as Aeneas. What an incredible voice. Bravo to all,and may we see more of Mr. Hynel in the future.
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