Les Troyens

By mgodfrey39
Written July 24, 2016
I'm hooked on HD broadcasts from the Met and thank Fandango for making the ticket buying so easy. They even sent me a correction on the time of broadcast! I should have paid attention to the length of this opera--5 hours--because we had to miss the 5th act. I confess I slept through some of this, but only because I had to get up so early to see it. Excellent production of this rarely seen opera.
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Les Troyebs

By marilynmumbles
Written August 04, 2015
The first act was great - loved the soprano. The second act was too long and didn't move the production. The soprano in the second act was ok. Wanted to stay for third act, but didn't because of the length of the opera. Too too long.
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Les Troyons

By smallestfrey
Written August 04, 2015
The simulcast was fantastic..............Met opera simulcasts always are. The seats in Theatre 3, however, are some of the MOST uncomfortable I've encountered. And I don't suppose you are able to control all the sound booms & blasts coming from the movies of the enjoining theatres ...........really is distracting. You really treat $22.00 ticket patrons more poorly than they deserve. Now that AMC30 no longer participate as a venue it seems you could more amply acommodate a larger crowd.
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Les Troyens

By rcj1
Written May 01, 2016
Unbelievable. Had never seen this opera and thought I would leave after the first 2 hours. Over 5 hours and didn't seem like 2 had passed. Glad the Met put this classic on HD Live.
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Les Troyens - a Tour de Force

By Bon123
Written June 29, 2016
I'm not much of a fan of French opera, Italian is my passion. But this got great reviews in the New York Times, and there's a new tenor on the scene, Bryan Hymel, who stepped in when the Met's original tenor stepped down. He was superlative, as were other members of the cast, especially Susan Graham. It's five plus hours long, but there are two intermissions. The second act I could do without - it was boring, as there was little action and way too much ballet and singing that were so repetitive as to lull you to sleep. But the first and the third acts were fine. The staging was spectacular. I would still never add this opera to my DVD collection, but I am very glad I went. This is a seldom performed opera because very few opera houses have the resources to put this spectacle on. Belioz himself died without ever seeing the opera performed in its entirety.
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