By vestedinterest
Written March 02, 2015
To an opera enthusiast, the opportunity to see Berlioz' "Les Troyens" is a "bucket list" option. No one dares to produce this opera because it requires a large chorus, 10 superlative individual singers of the lyric French style, and a stage production that displays the full impact of the Trojan War (with the horse)...The Met has only done this 3 times in its history since it was composed over 160 years ago. This production satisfied all issues and was a highlight of my opera experiences. Congratulations to the Met! If you did not like this production, then frankly you should never go to see an opera.
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Les Troyens

By rnsullivan
Written October 07, 2015
Live in HD from the Met is a wonderful way to see opera up close. The performance was outstanding. The ticket purchasing process from Fandango worked just fine. The only negative point is that the Met switched the starting time from 12:55PM to 12:00PM, but the Fandango web site continuously said 12:55. Happily, my daughter sent me an email she got from Met informing her that the performance time had been changed, so we went in time for the earlier starting time. Since she was singing in the chorus for this production, we would have been beyond stressed if we had missed an hour. The box office instructed us to always check the theatre's web site instead of the ticket web site in future. All in all, we really appreciate the Live in HD program and the ability to pre-order tickets thru Fandango.
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Les Troyens

Written July 31, 2015
Excellent performance! Love having HD Live available. Theater way too cold as always! One woman, who knows opera and goes always, brings hand warmers to the theater!
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We thoroughly enjoyed Les Troyens!

By skiddles
Written August 03, 2015
There was a point in the show when there was so much roaring noise from an adjacent theater that we could hardly hear our opera. The manager did, I think, turn down the sound in the other theater when someone complained. Also, the sound was "flat" and did not sound as if we were getting surround sound. We were unsure if that was the transmission or the theater. However, we are so glad you continue to bring these shows to your theater!
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A great sprawling white elephant?

By Barry Freed
Written August 01, 2015
Despite compelling performances by Met Opera stars Deborah Voigt and, especially, the ravishing Susan Graham, Hector Berlioz's mid-19th century opera, "Les Troyens," did not possess the musical nourishment required to sustain interest through a very long five hours. While there were many lovely passages, the fact that none of the opera's arias nor group vocals has attained a separate performance life indicates a serious deficit in dramatic musical power. The second act, especially, which contained long, tedious stretches, including a very routine ballet, would have benefited greatly by being cut in half. Poor Berlioz! Even his biographer noted that the the work was widely considered "a great sprawling white elephant." A one-time-only experience for this opera fan.
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