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L'elisir d'amore

By 1185-park
Written December 27, 2014
Gorgeous singing and fine acting distinguish this treasure -- one of my favorite Live at the Mets!
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L'Elisir d'Amore

Written October 23, 2014
Having seen a different Met production of L'Elisir on HDTV several years ago, I didn't quite know what to expect. Anna Netrebko is the character of Adina, giving Nemorino a bad time in the first act, and slowly but surely, letting is be known that she always loved him. Polenzani, as Nemorino, was the much anticipated "Lil Abner" type. But with the beautiful tenor voice necessary to sing "Una furtiva lagrima," as beautifully as he did. Dr. Dulcamara was great with his big bass voice. Chorus and orchestra were outstanding as usual. Yes, I would add it to my DVD collection.
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A nice introduction to opera

By Sharon McKee
Written January 31, 2015
I have been fortunate enough to see several operas at the Metropolitan Opera House, and watching this production in the theater was a very different experience. On site, the audience is not as close to the singers, and so miss many of the smaller facial expressions and motions that add a great deal to their characters. However, as they are in actuality playing to a huge house, sometimes their expressions and motions are exaggerated, making them seem too big for HD on a large screen. Also, in the house one gets the vastness of the stage and the sets, making the huge voices and actions stay in perspective. When one is as close as the camera and cannot widen one's view to the entire stage, the loss of that perspective can make the focus on the singers seem overwhelming. Nonetheless, the theater is a good way to be introduced to opera and to learn to appreciate the music, the stagecraft and overall the incredible voices that this art form has to offer. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
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L'elisir d'amore

By dmc2915mlc
Written October 14, 2012
What's not to like!! Anna Netrebko was absolutely marvelous. She and Mariusz Kwiecien were a great couple. Not only were their performances top notch, but they truly enjoyed working with each other. You can see it in their eyes. Two great professionals enjoying having fun doing want they do best. The rest of the cast was more than excellent. A terrific performance and worth every penny of admission. Would go to see this again.
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l'elisir d'amoe

By nicholls
Written September 22, 2014
Better than ever
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