Le compte Ory

By mgodfrey39
Written August 28, 2015
Fantastic! All HD broadcasts great and very much like the prices and encore presentations.
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Le omte Ory Endore was WONDERFUL

By naplesjean
Written April 10, 2011
The Opera was a great comedy. Outstanding talent, good timing and just plain fun. It was a nice change for opera. Of course, the traditional operas will live forever. I hope this opera will be shown from time to time.
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Fun in HD

By virtualsteve
Written May 03, 2011
Le Comte Ory is an excellent production-including camera work and sound. If one wants to start to enjoy opera, this is the one to start with. The chemistry of the three stars was electric-it looked like they were having fun, so the audience did too.
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compte d'ory

By peterose
Written April 28, 2011
Great opera, great singers, good acoustics.
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When You Can't Hop to New York

By RSteve
Written April 29, 2011
I am very proud of the Metropolitan Opera for truly entering the 21st century! In Saint Paul, MN, on a leisurely Wednesday evening, My daughter and I were wowed by the spectacle of a live performance of the Metropolitan Opera on theater screen high definition. And there was a special bonus, which I really appreciated: subtitles. I always knew the dialogue. Fantastic. Apparently, this broadcast reached several continents simultaneously. It was a fabulous opportunity to see a production I would likely never have seen. The principal stars: Juan Diego Flórez, Diana Damrau, and Joyce DiDonato were all spectacular.
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