Casting a female to portray a male is a big mistake!!!!

By lbbowen
Written April 16, 2011
I was very upset to see the role of Ragonde (a male) portrayed by a female opera singer. It doesn't make any sense to cast a female in this role, since I'm sure with the large group of available opera talent there has to be a male who could master the role. The only part of the character that let us know the character was a male was the clothing she (he) wore. Susanne Resmark did not look like a man but she looked like a woman portraying a man. In the romantic scenes, it was difficult to accept this character as a male!!! This is the second opera that I have seen using a female to sing a male's role. If the MET can't find a singer to take on the role of a character, then they shouldn't even attempt to do the opera!!!!! It was also unbelievable that the men dressed in nun's outfits with beards could be passed off as women!! Come on now; let's look at the "nuns" in those scenes. If they are going to use men to pretend to be nuns, they should at least use clean shaven opera singers!!!
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Le compte Ory

By wallys
Written October 28, 2014
This was a wonderful production; the acting my all the players was astounding. Juan Diego's performance after attending his son's birth mad it even more wonderful. The performance was way beyond my wife's and my expectations.
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Le Comte Ory

By themiv
Written April 11, 2011
This opera was entertaining, funny, whimsical. little long-winded but very much worth seeing it. The acting was phenomenal, the directing superb and the writing was light and humorous. This opera would be entertaining to all ages and a very good way to introduce anyone to the opera, with a funny storyline.
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Le Comte dor

By 2dog3cat
Written April 11, 2011
Fantastic! Tickets were easy to obtain on the computer and to print out the tickets. The theater was comfortable and we will definitely come again for more operas in HD. The performers were in great form and truly professional. In HD the closeups were amazing. Almost better than seeing it "live".
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Le Comte Ory

By madamabutterfly
Written April 10, 2011
Did not like it.Too much confusion of plot,characters and music! The talents are wasted,beautiful voices but not a single beautiful Aria that you can remember and leave the teather "humming" it.
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