La Traviata

By kailuagrrl
Written February 13, 2016
Dessay expended the effort of lifting a small pick up truck and Polezani has a new fan in me. Staging was exquisite. And Dmitri looked dashing in his small role. La Traviata: Life is a ***** and then you DIE!!!
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La Traviata

By jmclassicist
Written April 16, 2012
New production was awful. It seem that the budget for the sets and costumes must have been $1,000! Bring back the "old" production. What a waste of vocal talent. To be generous the tenor was a poor actor.
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La Traviata

By joans666
Written August 31, 2015
The minimal set was boring, and the huge clock seemed pointless and distracting. Having all the party guests dressed as men didn't make sense. I also found the character who walked around the edge of the set (God/ Death/ the doctor?) incomprehensible. The music was, as always, beautiful, but I found Dessay's voice disappointing. It was difficult to become emotionally involved. The second and third acts developed more passion, but the first act was very sterile. Dmitri Hvorostovsky stole the show! His singing, acting and passion far outdistanced the other performers, and helped make the last two acts more enjoyable. All in all, there are better vesions available on DVD!
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By Rinkdink
Written October 01, 2014
I agree with those not liking the new production.....especially for the last act. However, the music, the voices, the acting....all over the top - even though Dessay says she missed a high note! Go see it if you are an Opera buff.
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Everything great, but....

By dieterk
Written November 28, 2015
La mise en scene was terrible. It made you concentrate on the music which as always superb. Whoever had thi idea should seek employment in the concret business.
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