destroyed by the director

By clipson
Written February 06, 2016
This production is an abomination. It completely destroys the meaning of what Verdi & Piave wrote, instead substituting the dreams & vision of the director. Mr. Gelb, we pay to see & hear Verdi, not the directors distorting ideas which were not what the story is about. The singing was magnificent. Hvorostovsky is the best Germont since Robert Merrill, perhaps better. Polenzani is becoming one of the great lyric tenors of our age. His singing was gorgeous. I have never seen a poor performance by Dessay and this was no exception, even if she did miss a high C in the 1st act.
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La Traviata

By HGoldstein
Written February 13, 2016
Another triumph for the Met. A wonderfully intriguing new production dynamically performed by Natalie Dessay (who has a cold and is not in very good voice, but who is absolutely riveting), along with Polenzani and Hvorostovsky. A great end to a terrific HD season.
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La Traviata

By ukducky1
Written January 27, 2015
I loved the music, and the singing was exquisite. Alas however, so much was lost in the stark scenery. Half of the beauty of La Traviata is the elegance and spleandour of the dress and period of time when the opera is set. The sound quality in the last act was poor, and had a tinny quality to it. I notice in the next season that there are more renditions in the "modern" I will not be going. Thank goodness Aida is true to form.
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Met Opera vs Houston Grand Opera

By nalani13
Written December 28, 2014
The Met Opera was much more modern and interupretive than our recent Houston Grand Opera. The Met's version easier to understand the psychology of Violetta and I loved the clock onstage marking down her time and also when the party boys carried off the new "IT" girl in the red dress and the clock. As always MetHD has wonderful closeups and sets and I love the behind the scenes interviews at the intermission. All that said. ... The HGO had a beautiful voiced Violetta and our Tenor was magnificent. Both productions were awesome and of course the music was fabulous in both.
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La Traviata Met HD

By lizrobhig
Written April 15, 2012
The singing of the 3 leads was great. Violetta a very demanding role. Her acting is outstanding, along with her voice. Found it remarkable that she could collapse onto the floor twice from upright. But did not like the setting or staging or that big ugly clock! Also, didn't like the modern day dress of all the cast. Didn't fit the story, and I don't think what Verdi had in mind. The huge chorus of men all in black suits and ties was an unattracive sight - why so many? And it took forever for them to back out of the room. Boring and unnecessary. However, because of the vocal talent of the leads I give it a GO.
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