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La Traviata

By ppcahoon
Written April 15, 2012
More people should be informed of the Live in HD persormances of the Met. This one was, as usual, outstanding, both musically and visually. These opera casts offer an exciting opportunity for superb entertainment for West Texas.
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La Traviata - See the Encore

By geerob
Written October 20, 2014
Although Ms. Dessay was fighting off a significant cold, she still gave a very moving performance in Willi Decker's sensational production, If you want a Traviata with overstuffed furniture, crinoline skirts and mummified acting, DO NOT GO. But if yo want to see what opera can be when the emotional impact of the story is presented without distracting fluff, this is your show. Open your minds and let the sights and sounds enter your heart - highest possible recommendation!
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La Traviata

By Bon123
Written December 18, 2014
A must see for all opera buffs, and a great intro to opera for anyone who has never been to one. Verdi's music soars, and the melodies linger in your head for days. Natalie Dessay is a fantastic actress - one of the best on the opera stage today. This was a very different production that shows sheer genius. While I've always loved (and still do) the classic Zeffirelli production, I'll probably end up buying this one when it comes out in DVD to add to my collection. The symbolic clock in this production will haunt me forever I'm afraid....
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Better than expected.

By Greatawk
Written April 15, 2012
After having heard a rather disastrous prima broadcast of this production, and hearing the second broadcast, where Dessay was indisosed and replaced by the wonderful soprano Hong, I wasn't really expecting a lot yesterday. Dessay apparently recovered enough to do the telecast and, aside from a couple of very minor problems, sang a very sensitive and believable Violetta. Hvorostovsky was, of course, his usual wonderful self. The real gem of the day was Matthew Polenzani, IMHO. He's always a delight to the ears and eyes. Horrible set. And, why were all the female chorus members dressed as men? Second week in a row we've seen that. (Not ALL in Manon.) After having seen the sets for the previous Traviata, this production was a visual catastrophy. Come on, Met! Please leave the Euro-Trash productions in Europe.
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La Traviata movie reviews

By opera_singer1
Written October 20, 2014
This was the first production of La Traviata that I have seen where the set and staging allowed for the raw emotions of the singers and their situations to really, really be felt. And these singers did not disappoint. Their acting as well as singing was superb! It was my husband's first actual seeing of Traviata, and knowing a lot of the music from it really made it enjoyable for him. Bravo for HD!
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