la sonnambula

By interlocutor1
Written March 22, 2009
Fanstastic performance. top performances in singing and acting by all; impossible to leave the theatre without a light heart and high energy afgter seeing this. Where is the encore? Natalie Dessay at her usual delightful comedic self and in fine voice, Juan Diego Florez singing is superb and acting better than in La FIlle du Regiment. Whole cast is superb. I have been telling everyone I know to see the encore, w=but were and when can they see it?
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Brava Natalie, Bravo JDF!

By giacomopuccini
Written April 03, 2009
Room for improvement: 1. Natalie Dessay's CELL PHONE. PLEEEEEEASE! It wasn't even an iPhone or a Treo - how gauche! 2. Neo-revisionist-goody-two-shoes-let's-make-sure-the-young-people-of-Newark-can-identify-with-something SET, including a Mr. Coffee coffee maker and a Panasonic fax. The story takes place in a Swiss village in 1831. What's wrong with that setting? I was 7 at the time and can assure you there were no faxes or water coolers. Best of the Opera: 1. JDF - close to a 5-star performance. Good looking dude with a wonderful voce di grazia; reminds me of a young Mario Del Monaco with his sometimes ueber-dramatic movements. Moonlights as a hand-model at Macy's during off hours. 2. ND: Just love her! Graceful, bouncy, cute chick with a God-given coloratura tesssitura. Not her "A" game today but still a great "Ah, non redea mirarti". Even Tigen occasionally shots a 71. 3. Like Michele Pertusi as Rodolfo. His almost lyric baritone is perfect for Bel Canto operas. FORZA MET!
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No sleeping; No walking

By kirom
Written April 03, 2009
Guranteed that if you like opera, you will neither sleep nor walk until Bellini's bel canto masterwork is over. La Sonnambula shows off the magnificent voices of the enchanting Natalie Dessay and her handsome tenor to their coloratura finest. The Met shows why it produces the finest in this emerging art form.
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Awakening Love in La Sonnambula; SFO's Jeremy Galyon debut broadcast live

By SF Opera Examiner
Written March 23, 2009
[BLOCKED WEBSITE] (click link to read entire story with video) If you have yet to experience a live broadcast of opera on the big screen, it’s a thrill. Note David Gockley of SFO has followed this model as the Met created a new art form. If like me you have spent most of your life in the Bay Area and have never seen the inside of the legendary Met, that alone worth the price of admission. $10.50 for three hours of excitement and charm with the chemistry of coloratura Dessay and Juan Diego the Peruvian who used to sing Elvis. The live shots of the audience getting seated showed the height of the place, going up and up and up to five tiers. SF seats about a thousand less with two tiers. What a moment in one’s young life to debut there as Jeremy Galyon did. I as a super in Rigoletto a few years ago had been on the same stage as the impossibly tall and dark haired Jeremy. He’s still head and shoulders above anybody on stage. Cindy Warner
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La Sunnambula

By rleaman
Written March 24, 2009
Excelleht Performance in general although the bass was weak. Production was terrible. A traditional production would have been less distracting especially with a opera that is not performed a great deal.
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