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  • May 14, 2014
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La Cenerentola

By dickied623
Written May 16, 2014
Have seen many of the Met in HD operas; most, in fact. I've enjoyed them all a great deal, and have been a major Rossini fan heretofore. I thought Giacomo came a cropper in this production, however, which was so drear I hardly know where to begin. The stage direction was so limp and unfocused as to be practically non-existent. For example, the choral groupings had no sense of placement: "some of you stand here, you others stand over there." Sets, especially in the second act, were so unatrractive, dark, and cumbersome I had no idea what they were. The two sisters were vocally strident and overacted to a fare-thee-well. As for the leads, Ms DiDonato sounded ocasionally forced, I thought, whereas senor Florez, IMHO, proved once again he can vocally do no wrong. And BRAVO once more to Peter Gelb !
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Great production

By brewster4380
Written May 17, 2014
Great singing, acting, costumes and sets. Beautiful music.
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La Cenerentola

By opera fan at brandywine
Written May 23, 2009
Excellent!!! I thoroughly enjoy the Met's performances in HD. I would like them to present their entire season on HD.
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Cenerentola, Met Opera

By mgrace9843
Written May 21, 2009
Fantastic. Great performances all around. I will be going to many more Met performances live in a movie theater.
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A true fairytale performance

By aboerup
Written May 22, 2009
La Cenerentola was exquisite. By the time the orchestra had started the sinfonia, i was entranced. The maestro directed with an ease that was in such contrast to the choppy and hurried music that Rossini composed for this opera. All of the singers were incredible, and particularly impeccable was the mezzo playing the lead. This was the first time I had seen her perform, and she was great. Her voice was sweet and effortless, and her runs were unrivaled. She almost looked as if she was mouthing along to a recording, as she sang with such ease and comfort. The step sisters, step father and valet were all amusing and naturally comical. The prince was charming and believable. The all male chorus had great musicality and were characters to be watched, not just heard. The stage was larger than life and worked beautifully with the story. This version of the classic Cinderella tale was refreshing and well worth the price. I hope the Met will expand the broadcasts to include their entire season.
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