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  • May 14, 2014
  • NR , 3 hr 40 min
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La Cenerentola

By tundriver1940
Written May 15, 2014
A magnificent presentation by the New York Met. However, there was a very loud slam-bang action movie of some kind in the theatre next door, and the boom boom of the sound carried over into La Cenerentola. It was distracting, disconcerting and distressing to say the least. The movie itself gets 5 stars. The theatre, 2 stars. They should know better.
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La Cenerentola

By NAGrimmer1
Written May 17, 2014
I love opera. This was the first time that I saw opera on the movie screen instead of live. I loved the opera itself -- but the viewing experience left much to be desired. The sound kept going out, and although the picture and subtitles were perfect, even as beautiful an opera as La Cenerentola isn't great without the sound. Nobody goes to the opera for the plot. The people at the theater did all they could to try to get back the sound, but the experience became absolutely surreal as the opera was rewound in an attempt to get back the sound, I love opera, but I don't think I recommend experiencing it at the movies.
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La Cenerentola

By tomhartley
Written May 15, 2014
Wonderful opera. Didinato was wonderful. Sorry she's giving up the role.
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La Cenerentola Encore

By kayspersonal
Written May 22, 2009
Fabulous!! A great way to see the opera and this one was spectacular.
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It's impressive.

By francis goya
Written May 21, 2009
It was my first experience with Met HDTV and it was impressive. I was able to see the Best production and listen the Best singers for relatively small tickets price. Of course it's not the same like being in the theater but you should understand what you can have for $20. I will definitely come again. I wish I would listen Aida and Carmen, and Tosca, and everything else.
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