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  • May 14, 2014
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La Cenerentola Encore was wonderful!

By fredtowers
Written September 27, 2016
As usual I greatly enjoyed another Met Opera Live performance.
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"La Cenerentola" - a splendid production

By clivealive
Written May 21, 2009
The HD telecasts never fail to disappoint. This was one of the best. I encourage anyone who loves opera to attend as many as possible of the Met's 2009-10 HD presentations. For more detail, see ***metoperafamily.org/metopera/. Click on the "HD Live button"; and on the new screen, click on the button labeled "Live in HD for 2009-10".
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The Metropolitan Opera: La Cenerentola Encore

By MGG123
Written May 25, 2009
Voices were superb - sets and lighting seemed a little dark/drab. The translations seemed more to give a general idea of what was being sung than to be actual translations. This is a wonderful series to be brought to the big screen in theaters. I look forward to every performance and hope to be able to enjoy many more seasons to come.
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la cenerentola

By stuartandzoe
Written May 21, 2009
very much this version of cinderella. the principal artists were terrific and in addition to their singing brought the right amount of comedy into the opera. the metropolitan opera is always wondeful to hear and see.
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La Cenerentola--no encore for sound

By 3834
Written May 22, 2009
The first part of this was terrible. It wasn't due to the performers. It was the sound. Too low. The music and the voices were too muted to enjoy. First time this has happened at this theater. I would hope someone would monitor the beginning to make sure all s working as it should. Also, the setting was too dark. This is the first encore performance I have seen. It hasn't been a problem with the live HD performances. I wonder if this problem is standard with encore performances. From the reviews I've read, it also happened at other theaters, so it couldn't have been the fault of the theaters. They are not totally off the hook, however. After some of us complained at the first break, the sound quality improved tremendously. Almost, too much.
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