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  • May 10, 2014
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Written April 23, 2009
This is the first Opera I ever saw when i was 15 years old. It is the simple story of Cinderella, but more human, funny and no fairy god mother. Instead the Opera writer appears to change the girls destiny. The story is fun, also the music is lively and entertaining, If you have never been to an opera before, this is the way to begin. I am just curious about this new HD experience with live operas from the met, I've heard they are great, but will let you know after my first experience on May 9th with La Cenerentola.
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La Cenerentola

By Califdreamer
Written April 25, 2009
Haven't heard any good reviews so I think I'll pass on this one.
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La Cenerentola

By grammie
Written May 10, 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed this performance and thought it well cast. The leading lady is exquisite and all of the cast sang superbly. I enjoyed the father's antics and the chorus supported the leads, and although in doubtful attire, added solidity and force to the performance. I wondered at the "musical chairs" scene, but all in all I was delighted with the acting and jumped in my seat when Cinderella dropped the plate and cup, as well as when the fire started. Well done! Our audience clapped entusiastically and spoke approvingly of the performance as we walked out of the theater.
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La Cerenatola

By ColumbiaFan
Written May 12, 2009
The Met Opera HD presentation has really made me a fan of Rossini. Perhaps because where I sat the sound was brilliant, getting better every presentation. the behind-the-scenes portions made me feel like a faining eaves-dropper. it's a priceless moment when the cameras catch the leading singer(sorry -I'm not good with remembering names, but her voice was spectaular) screaming "Water!" right after the curtain closes. She had finished singing the leading singer's aria which undoubtedly drained her voice. The singing and acting were beyond exemplary as was the technical and dramatic direction (TV and theatrical). If there's a quibble is that most of Rossini's quartets were meant for theater staging. Perhaps a more panoramic view may have been better instead of the constant closeups. The interplay between the singers singing Rossini's complex groupings may have been more interesting. But, that's a quibble with an excellent presentation.
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La Cenerenola

By kirom
Written May 10, 2009
The Met ended its Theater simulcast season with a cornucopia of sheer beauty. In the capable hand of the musicl, stage and costume direction of the pros at the venerable Metopolitan Opera, Rossini's delightful romp through the classic tale of Cinderella was a tour de force for the eyes as well as the ears. This, despite his liberties with the story, and his emphais on comedy rather than Romantic love. Elina Garanca shone as the gorgeous Cinderella, dripping with goodness and forgiveness. The prince, Don Ramiro, played by the diminutive Lawrence Brownlee,demonstrated that one doesn't need to be a buff Western European Adonis to be effective as a lead tenor. The supporting cast was appropriately quirky and, paradoxically, attractive, and exellent singers at the same time. We hosted a middle aged couple who had never seen an opera. They are now hooked, as are we..
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