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  • April 9, 2014
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Fabulous production but ongoing theater issues.

By sforwand
Written July 10, 2016
This was the Met at is finest. The great Zeffirelli production, wonderful singers, the world's favorite opera and intermission interviews and scene change views that are unavailable at the Met at Lincoln Center at any price. While I wish the Sarasota Opera Company well, neither they nor any other local opera company can compete with this. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the technical quality of the product on the screen. On this encore night, as with many others, the sound quality was uneven with inadequate volume in many segments. In the garret scenes in the first and fourth acts some arias were barely audible and while the set may have been dimly lit to emphasize the poverty of the characters, both acts were almost monochromatic, looking a great deal like a black and white movie. This is one of many performances that have been greatly diminished for me by audio and/or video problems,both in this and previous years.
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La Bohéme Encore

By jjvosmek
Written July 10, 2016
When the HD video of the opera actually starts, it's quite wonderful; however the starting time is listed as 6:30pm and the starting time turns out to be 7:15pm. 45 minutes of promos, etc. That needs to change. There are people who enjoy opera and still have busy schedules.
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La Boheme is La Beautiful

By dsisto4
Written April 12, 2014
Wonderful music of course; great singing of course; tragically beautiful story, of course. There is nothing like the real thing in person in NYC but this simulcast is the next best thing to being there. Save on the airfare...go local.
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La Boheme

By amarkson
Written April 11, 2014
This is not the first time that my wife and I have viewed Met Opera HD. We have not only never been disappointed but each production has exceeded our expectations. La Boheme exceeded our expectations. The Met performers are now all accomplished actors which was not the case thirty years ago. The Orchestra as trained by James Levine is probably the finest classical symphony orchestra in the world. The Sets, and costumes sumptuous Dancing thrilling. The productions and directions fast paced and gripping. All in all delightful experience. Aldan Markson
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First 3 Acts were wonderful, but then . . .

By alanteasley
Written April 11, 2014
. . . unfortunately, the transmission stopped. After someone tried unsuccessfully to reboot the broadcast three times, we left. Hence, no Act IV at all. We were never told if the source of the problem was the Metropolitan Opera, the Dish Network, the various hardware devices employed, or the local theater. I fault the local theater for not offering adequate recompense (even a free movie ticket would have been something) to those who had purchased their tickets in advance. If you had purchased the ticket at the theater just before the screening, they did refund the money, but they offered NOTHING to those, like me, who had purchased the ticket months in advance.
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