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La Boheme in HD live from the Met

By imperia
Written January 26, 2015
It was brilliant everyone in the cast was magnificent especially the young tenor Vittorio Grigolo - enjoyed watching close-ups of the singers which you don't have when you watch it from the theater. I also enjoyed the backstage interviews and the behind the scene crew working hard changing the different scheneries. It was wonderful.
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Tears and overwhelming performance

By icanstart
Written April 13, 2014
This was my first experience of the MET Live ever. Seeing La Boheme gave me a rush of emotions --- cried twice --- first time where the two main characters were singing together in a warm embrace just before the end of the scene where they met for the first time. Wow! Laughter happened for me during intermission when the two main actors were being interviewed -- some off the cuff remark brought the human side out behind the scenes. Lovely "behind the scenes" advantage to really get a look at the type of work that goes into this performance as the scenery changes was another benefit. The lady who was standing in for someone who was out sick --- gave her "all" and then some. Marvelous effort! Unbelievable "show must go on" attitude and her humility was refreshing to see in the behind the scenes interviews. She was actually playing in Madame Butterfly the night before and is now the first actress to ever play out two dying acts within a 24 hour period on the Metropolitan stage!
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Excellent presentation of the Opera

By baggum
Written April 12, 2014
You can't beat the Met when it comes to staging opera. Their La Boheme was wonderful for the performers, the staging, the orchestra. Loved seeing the set changes between acts. Enjoyed learning inside information about the production, the principals, etc. I felt that the conductor was perhaps given shortshrift when it came to bows, etc. The orchestra also wasn't acknowledged as much as it should be. Of course, Mme, Opolais' record setting back-to-back performances in Madama Butterfly and La Boheme was a tour-de-force in the mastery of two Puccini operas and an unsurpassed feat of stamina.
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La Boheme

By sdonohoe879
Written April 06, 2014
Another fabulous production by the Met Opera. I LOVE that we can view these operas in our cinemas in HD. Beautiful music and fabulous sets. Loved it.
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By emailgary
Written April 06, 2014
The performance was fabulous. Cast, sets, everything. The last minute replacement soprano, due to the illness of the primary, proved to be outstanding. With only a very few hours notice, and little sleep, her performance was truly inspiring. Very glad I went.
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