Hamlet is a "Must Go" for opera buffs

By 60mph
Written March 29, 2010
Wonderful performance. Just beautifully acted and sung.
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By rwayne724
Written November 29, 2015
The theater had the sound so loud, I had to leave before the conclusion of the first act. I hope to catchit on PBS
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Deep, rich, & Full-bodied - Vintage Opera!

By Frostbite Frank
Written April 17, 2010
This is the most complex character study I've seen in all of opera! Story was intricate and dramatic: a rich companion to Shakespeare's play. It was written with alternate endings; this one followed the Shakespearian one. The voices were magnificent (as always with the Met) and unusually well-matched - no one oversang the others, and the orchestra neither overwhelmed nor underplayed the singers. Hamlet and Ophelia were excellently acted, emoted with realism, and the other characters were equally well-performed. The Mad Scene was magnificent, with realistic wounds as Ophelia attacked herself and Hamlet pouring blood from the wine pitchers was chilling! BRAVO!!
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very good

By Dusya Houstonskaya
Written April 15, 2010
I didn't even expect it would be that good! I loved it!
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Hamlet Encore

By pegpeg
Written April 15, 2010
Powerful, superb!!
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