Guilio Cesare

By Klolso
Written May 25, 2016
Interesting take on this opera. I enjoyed most of the changes exept the costuming as a flapper. The music was terrific and beautifully sung, but some of the "modernized" tricks were distracting to the story, ie. "call me" signal, umbrella use, battleship, blimps and cruise ship back drops, etc. The counter tenors were terrific!
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Not what you expect

By bark35
Written August 30, 2016
David McVicar's production was unexpected. This production supposedly took place in colonial times. In one of the first scenes Cleopatra appears dressed like "a flapper" and does a dance that looks like a Charleston. The guards wear pith hemets, with red jackets and revolvers on their hips. They could have passed as "Mounties," if not for the pith helmets. Initially the water background had clipper ships but toward the end there were battleships ala WW11 and dirigibles in the sky. The closing scene could have taken place in the Court of Versaille. It was as if Mr. McVicar went into costumes and props and took whatever he liked with no concern for keeping a consistent timeline. Anachronisms abounded!!!!
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Almost worth the 5 hours

By barbhelm
Written August 27, 2016
You must be a fan of baroque opera and countertenors (there are at least two) and "pants" singers. Once that is established, you will enjoy the singing, the site gags, and the production.
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giullio cesare

By susansatz
Written July 31, 2016
fantastic! unbelievable singing from everybody! a treat to watch. comedic vaudeville-type choreography added - helped make the almost 5 hours go by quickly.
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By judygray
Written August 30, 2016
It took a lot of living for me to be ready to appreciate opera. I'm there! Having experienced the Met and having experienced the HDLive version, I'd rate both as enriching, satisfying, engaging, fun escapism. Giulio Cesare was a feast for the eyes and ears. I hadn't expected to laugh so much - totally enjoyed the anachronisms and inside jokes. The performers were consummate entertainers. I'll look forward to the next season.
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