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Giulio Cesare

By ditmas
Written October 30, 2014
This performance was delightful--very creative, with a wonderful taste of humor. Natalie Dessay was wonderful at both singing and dancing, and the rest of the performers were great! It was a bit long, and probably would have been better with a little tightening, as a lot of the arias repeat themselves often! But the staging, direction, costumes and acting were clever and engaging! Would highly recommend!
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Giulio Cesare

By clearharborsinging
Written November 26, 2014
This delicious piece set in colonial times and sung in Italian shows off the best of Handel. McVicar has adapted this opera as metaphor for the best and worst of a conquering hero while not taking the whole venture too seriously. All of the principal singers were fabulous in displaying superb flourishes and embellishments that are Handel's trademark. The three counter tenors delivered excellent acting as well as singing skills. Natalie Dessay was romantic and playful while very skillful in her mastery of the score. Bickett as conductor clearly revels in this composer's work It was an all encompassing delight. Unfortunately I was sitting near several people who simply could not "handle" the counter tenor voices. While it might take a bit of open mindedness to get used to and thoroughly enjoy this effect their talking over the singing was very rude. They shut up when I confronted them.
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Opera at it's best

By herdis
Written April 25, 2015
We went to this Handel opera with mixed expectations knowing that Barok Opera is different from for instance the wonderful operaes of Verdi. However, we were very pleasantly surprised and can recommend it to everybody who loves to hear the fantastic voices of these performers. The singing is fantastic - and although the show is long it flows very well and keeps you interested all way through.
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Opera buffs only

By musetta23
Written March 26, 2015
This Opera is not exactly an introduction to the art. One really needs to appreciate the finer point of nuances in endlessly repeated phrases to appreciate this unnecessarily long epic work of Handel. The director surely could have edited out some repeats here and there. Having said that the artistry of Natalie Dessay and cast was wonderful. Very expressive and at times intensely emotional.
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Didn't know Julius Caesar could be funny

By thebfm
Written February 01, 2015
Natalie Dessay is the Lucille Ball or Imogene Coca of opera. She can make the driest story incredibly enjoyable, and she certainly does that in this opera. Between her perspective and that of Director David McVicar, this was much more fun than we expected it to be. The countertenors were also a breath of fresh air. The music is beautiful - and, being Handel, reminiscent of both the Messiah and the Water Music. Altogether, a great way to spend the afternoon.
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