Almost worth the 5 hours

By barbhelm
Written August 01, 2015
You must be a fan of baroque opera and countertenors (there are at least two) and "pants" singers. Once that is established, you will enjoy the singing, the site gags, and the production.
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A delightful treat

By sorsche
Written May 28, 2016
What a great way to end the season. Delicious music, sensitively presented in a most wonderfully expressive way. Fabulous cast/voice/acting all around. Delightful production full of wonderful fun. I'd see this one again and will likely buy it when it (hopefully) is released.
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What a Bust! Theater Management screwed up

By Aloharuss
Written September 01, 2015
What we saw, about an hour and a half was great. Then the HD transmission ceased. After some delay, someone came out and explained that they record the transmissing when it is sent to the theater, but somehow there was nothing there after the first hour and a half. I guess a tip would be someone at the local theater should review the recording they just made when the transmission is sent to make sure they got it all BEFORE selling tickets to the performance.
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giullio cesare

By susansatz
Written November 29, 2015
fantastic! unbelievable singing from everybody! a treat to watch. comedic vaudeville-type choreography added - helped make the almost 5 hours go by quickly.
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Loved this opera!

By momto1FL
Written February 06, 2016
Really enjoyed every minute of this opera! Very interesting to see how different the costume designs were. Voices and sets were wonderful. Natalie Dessay was amazing! Would highly recommend this, even for those new to opera as I am.
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