long but lively

By kjketter
Written April 24, 2017
This was a wonderful performance, especially by Natalie Dessay but all of the cast. It's a long opera but so full of action that the pace made it seem much shorter. Beautiful baroque music and the staging with much dancing was remarkable.
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Handel's Julius Caesar

By usfolks
Written October 22, 2016
This is the third opera we've watched with the Met's new productions and frankly I don't like them one bit. We saw Traviata (it was marginally OK I guess),And then Die Walkure with lts mechanical mountain. I can't imagine in Wagner's wildest insanity he would have approved such an obsenity. Wagner paid great attention to details including the music, the libretto and the production - a mechanical collection of moving wooden slats....give me a break. I'm amazed somebody hasn't gotten serious hurt on that contraption. And now Julius Caeser which occured around 46 BC - we have blimps, guns and rifles, modern warships, tailored clothing and worse.....comedy. Caesar proclaiming he is going to conquer the world. In 46 BC, the known world was a bit smaller than when this production was happening. This production borders on the rediculous,and in my opinion a complete waste of money spent to see it. I was always taught to be true to the composer in music. Don't think this is it!
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Guilo Cesare

By atavill
Written February 23, 2017
How else could we view in HD live a rarely performed great Handel opera with phenomenal performers at their best? This was an uplifting experience that we we will cherish. We are completely hooked on this exposure to great opera. Thank you to all at Metropolitan Opera Live and to you folks at Fandango.
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Giulio Cesare

By tashafl
Written March 24, 2017
It was a fabulous production-witty, tragic, delightful. The choreography made the arias fly by and the acting and dancing were superb. The intermissions are boring and should be eliminated by the Met. Just a straight break would be fine. Handelgirl
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Giulio Cesare

By elfrida
Written May 31, 2016
I love opera and i love Handel, but this was such a hodge podge of eras, poorly chosen costumes and unexpected voices. The roles that should have come across as strong hetrosexual characters were deisnated , by costume and voice as gay. nothing against gay but I have a lot of difficulty imagining Ptollemy as fay but still wanting the women.Cleopatra came acrros as in her 40's and none of her costumes in any way showed her power or her attractiveness. She looked like an older 1930's middle class woman. I guess i expect soem dazzling when I go to the opera. This was not. it was like any ordinary movie. The one positive i can say was that the arias were indeed beautifully sung. The director and producer of this opera really got in the way. They did nothing to support the roles
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