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Francesca da Rimini

By Rodneynmiki
Written October 31, 2014
An amazingly beautiful Opera and production of it. The score was very, very interesting. One could her many composers' tones in it.. Certainly my favourites except perhaps Mozart[ not a particular favourite except for his Don Giovanni]. That wonderful instrumenatl interlude with solo, was it Cello or Viiolin [m if it was Cello I shall love the opera even more] when the lovers see each other for the first time was so moving, I was in floods of tears. it was only bettered by Leibestod, in Tristan and Isolde The principle Tenors and Sopranos could have been better, l[ but I am biased] but the deeper voices won one over, they were exemplary. Please some one make the Mezzo Ginger something-Costa, famous very very famous, she stole the show in many, many ways. More must be seen and heard of her. The staging was sublime. Everything in this Opera speaks dram , drama, drama, Just the best I have seen for sometime. I shall now buy the DVD[ I hope it is buyable] to listen to Renato Scotto
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Oh, My Goodness!

By Starywonder__64
Written October 22, 2014
All this HD season, the opera I was looking forward to the most, was,FRANCESCA DA RIMINI. Unfortunately, the leading tenor has never been one of my favorite Met singers; nor, was I much impressed by the leading soprano, though she did try her best. Time flies. But, twenty-seven years ago, the Met produced this opera,especially, for Renata Scotto. And, her performance, along with Placido Domingo and Cornell Macneil, were magnificent and memorable. Chills ran down my spine, as a sign, that for me, this was an operatic landmark I would always remember as unforgettable and GREAT. The current revival is not. Rainyday Man
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Written September 30, 2014
While not overly impressed by the music, the staging, acting and voices, particularily those of the baritone, the soprano and the Malatrstino, were spectacular and made the opera really worth attending. Special praise is due to the luxury of the costumes, which originally 27 years old were magnificent in their splendor. It was not one of the tenor's best days.
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On stage with The Met

By AlexandraIntl
Written October 28, 2014
Seeing opera this way is really great. albeit it's not quite the same experience as going to the Met in NYC but it's certainly a great alternative. You are confortable in a movie theater, the tickets are 1/10th of what it costs to go to Lincoln Center, with the close ups you are practically on stage with the performers. the only comment I was say is that it would be nice to get some more whole stage shots and a bit fewer closer ups.
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The Met HD

By Janonlunt
Written March 17, 2013
Had never seen this opera before nor been to the Met at the Movies. Both were a spectacular surprise. The voices, costumes, scenery, and backstage shots and interviews were wonderful Can't wait until the next time!
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