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By lynn rule
Written January 12, 2012
Faust was fabulous. I wish I could say the same for the Hollywood 20 in Sarasota, FL. They can't turn the lights on and off at the right times, the sound is not correct, they have left the audience sitting in the dark for well over 15 minutes when there was something wrong with the picture and they didn't know it until someone had a flashlight and left the theater to tell them. Every showing they have made a mistake.
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Fenway Boston Stadium Cinema is dreadful

By rkroin
Written January 12, 2012
Met in HD series is great, but the Fenway Boston Stadium Cinema is a horrible place to see it. Projectors not bright enough to illuminate the screen; sounds of shoot-em-up movies coming through the walls, nobody bothers to turn down the lights after intermission, and the parking fee is $13 after validation.
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By operafirst
Written January 15, 2012
A great newproduction. Excellent. The arias were beautiful, and the cast was superb. Several well known arias made it most memorable. Thank you for presenting these encore operas. They are wonderful and easier than the Saturday mornings.
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By rwrx
Written January 12, 2012
The voices and sets were excellent in this over-long opera. The Regal Shadowood in Boca Florida can't compare with Cinemax in Boynton Beach. Neither the picture nor the sound were HD, the lights remained on until I got up and reminded them. Screen was too small to appreciate the opera and we will not go there again.
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Do Go.

By Kayzee
Written January 13, 2012
The production was beautifully presented, the voices marvelous, the intermission interviews interesting and providing helpful background information. The presentation of the film at the Potomac Yards Regal Theater in Alexandria was abysmal. The program started fifteen minutes later and began with thirty minutes of previews of events taking place in December. A good deal of time the screen displayed computer information. A number of previews were repeated three times. The intermission interviews were followed by fifteen additional and unwanted blank minutes. The ultimate outrage came in the third act when the screen went blank. Singing continued to the opera's end, none of it visible to the audience in the theater. The program was to begin at 6:30 p.m. It ended at midnight. A miserable evening.
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