• Released
  • December 14, 2013
  • 3 hr 20 min
  • Concert/Special Events
    Music/Performing Arts
The Metropolitan Opera: Falstaff Synopsis
A fat old knight tries to seduce two married women.

Movie Reviews


By nmcr3
This production was awesome! The attention to detail in the staging was outstanding...loved the turkey which was roasted when removed. The cast was well chosen, but it was Amborogio Maestri's voice...

The Metropolitan Opera: Falstaff

By judyptarmigan
What I like about comic opera is the contrast between the fabulous voices and the situation comedy action. I thought the ending was weak - mere chorus music. But I particularly liked the interviews...


By iwreym
What a great way to experience the Metropolitan Opera! Singing was superb as always--plot was wonderful--subtitles captured the essence. If you are an opera fan, want to experience the experience...

Splendidly human!

By jvan56
A wonderfully creative production for an adult audience, splendidly sung and acted by an exceptional cast, portraying all too human beings, warts and all. My first viewing of Falstaff, I truly...


By babrombert
How fortunate we are to have Opera in HD, especially when a superb new production can be seen at a fraction of the cost and effort of going to the Met. This is the most ingenious, visually...

Metropolitan Opera: Falstaff

By TheAssistOrg
Fantastical wonderful way to be "at the Opera" with many, many surprises I would never see if I went to the Metro Opera itself instead at my local Movie place. Seeing the major singers talking about...


By fwhitehouse
Great opera and wonderful cast including all main line singers. Verdi's music fit the comedy. It was an operatic farce of the first order. Similar to The Barber...; Marriage of Figaro; and on the...

Metropolitan Opera production of Falstaff

By lyricfanfran
Falstaff is one of my favorite operas! I enjoyed Ambrogi Maestri in the title role; the staging was a bit strange, but in the opera world, it is not unusual to find a director who wants to make a...

Not so great..!

By nikolatr
Mostly elating laughs in elderly population due to old fashioned style.. In general, good but ntg. special... and the main actor plus several actors were obese and ugly. Rate: 6/10....


By danielleadamscmp
HD Live from the Metropolitan Opera. FABULOUS! love being able to watch a live performance of an opera right here in Jensen Beach Florida. The next best thing to being there. I look forward to more...