Well done!

By lbrookes572
Written June 28, 2016
A great story, based on a great poem, told by a great composer, with a great cast at a great opera company. What's not to like?
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Eugene Onegin

By lindaslookout
Written August 30, 2016
I like Tchaikovsky but had not enjoyed a big performance of this opera a few years ago - nor had I had patience for Pushkin's great poem - albeit translated - all tedious, I thought. The experience of watching and listening to this movie of it however was moving and captivating. The stirring music suddenly made sense, the shifting moods of the characters and their motivations entirely believable. First rate singing, acting, choreography, makeup, scenery (unusually atmospheric) and close-up filming; the orchestra as usual brilliant, the passion truly compelling. Seeing backstage during the intermission does not interfere with the instant magic on stage, although I could have done without the interviews of the great singers whose personalities do impinge for a while on one's acceptance of their roles in time and place and mood. Otherwise: a treasure of a production - I still cannot stop the music from reverberating in my head!
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Not to be Missed!

By raesok
Written October 10, 2013
Top singers and conducting. Cannot find anything to criticize. Only, try using Ferruccio Furlanetto in the role of Prince Gremin. This is just my preference for his level of characterization of the aria as well as the expressiveness of his voice. In this production, I especially appreciated the rendition of Onegin's "lecture" to Tatiana and the director's touch (?) of the kiss, which Tatiana returned in the last Act, perhaps her final rebuke to Onegin for his treatment of her in the first Act. I love this Opera, and found this production to be quite beautiful and satisfying.
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Eugene Onegin

Written September 25, 2016
This opera was spectacular. Very strong and emotional singing from the lead singers and equally great singing from the supporting cast. The music was the usual romantic music of the composer. The book was very dramatic and I was really pulling for the heroine to get away from the villain, Onegin, and start living her own life with her husband. I also enjoyed the dance numbers which included a Polonaise and other folk dances of the period. The only problem with the opera is that it lasted about 4 hours including 3 intermissions and numerous scene changes. Don't miss this version of Eugene Onegin,
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Eugene Onegin

By shubbard572
Written October 10, 2013
As always, the streaming from the Met is a wonderful experience for those of us not in NYC. The music is moving and the performances are stellar! So much emotion and passion portrayed. I particularly enjoy the behind the scene shots of the changing of the sets and the interviews with performers that you get when you attend the live streamings. It gives you an opportunity to see what the performers/directors bring to the characters and performance. Great opera!
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