Good show

Written November 10, 2008
The singers are all excellent. The music is well done. A must see 21st century opera.
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A Worthy Experience Not Easy to Find

By Steven_storymountain
Written November 21, 2008
It's not easy finding an opera that's a current artistic expression, created "now", in our own times. Especially to come by it in such an accessible way - at your local movie house! For those of us not used to seeing these modern works often, it's worth the stretch. It's worth the challenge to ourselves; to give ourselves a chance to see if we have the adaptability to increase our circle of enjoyment. So, although we don't get "tuneful" melodies with repeated phrases that we can leave the theatre humming, we get plenty else. An interesting new way to look at the men who created "the bomb" at the dramatic level, great voices with fine diction and good acting chops, and a terrific musical score byAdams which consistently crackles with underlying power and tension throughout. And not to dismiss the vocal lines by any means, the libretto is set beautifully with the musical lines crafted to allow the english text to "sit well" and soar when needed.
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Review of The Metropolitan Opera: Doctor Atomic

By fengston
Written November 24, 2008
Camera swooping around was a bit much. Too many close ups. I could see on the edges that we were missing some pretty interesting things going on on the sides. Powerful lyrics. Very moving.
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The Met Opera: Dr. Atomic

By Sufran
Written November 23, 2008
The voices of the singers AND their artistic ability to portray the emotions of the content were exquisite. I did find the fake cigarettes with the "smoke" intrusive, and kept wondering if it was bothering the voices of the singers. The content, true to life, was quite disturbing; however if helped to know that Oppenheimer himself was torn afterwards by the magnitude of what he had done. My companion and I had tears on our faces at the end. I will never be convinced that use of such a weapon was, or ever could be, justified. This is the 3rd Met production I have seen. The first was fabulous (the opening with Rene Fleming), but Salome wasn't as good as the other two (in my opinion).
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Finley is fabulous

By Agros
Written November 09, 2008
While all the main singers/actors were good- Finley as Oppenheimer was truly mesmerizing! It is absolutely amazing to see such fine acting in opera. While this isn't Sellars original production, most of the cast is the same, and Sellars is known for really encouraging engaging characters from those he works with. The issues that I had with this -comes from within the music & staging. The composer Adams has written a powerful First Act- but to me, the 2nd Act falls short of the initial glory.Still overall- at times thrilling & engaging must see for All opera fans - can't wait to see more of Finley's work- and even for those who aren't sure about opera might give this a chance.
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