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Good show

Written November 10, 2008
The singers are all excellent. The music is well done. A must see 21st century opera.
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Finley is fabulous

By Agros
Written November 09, 2008
While all the main singers/actors were good- Finley as Oppenheimer was truly mesmerizing! It is absolutely amazing to see such fine acting in opera. While this isn't Sellars original production, most of the cast is the same, and Sellars is known for really encouraging engaging characters from those he works with. The issues that I had with this -comes from within the music & staging. The composer Adams has written a powerful First Act- but to me, the 2nd Act falls short of the initial glory.Still overall- at times thrilling & engaging must see for All opera fans - can't wait to see more of Finley's work- and even for those who aren't sure about opera might give this a chance.
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Dr. Atomic

By midgeloef
Written November 23, 2008
I thought the opera interesting. But I thought the parts with Oppenheimer's wife were uninteresting, did not add to the story and were superfluous. Midge Loeffler
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Sorry more people didn't see it

By Ortrud
Written November 23, 2008
I saw the world premiere of Doctor Atomic at San Francisco Opera in 2005 and the revised version at Lyric Opera of Chicago last December. Adams and Sellars have done wonders with the revisions they made, particulary drawing the character Kitty into the drama rather than leaving her a lonely, neglected housewife. It's great that a work that's only three years old has been presented in a second production.
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Review of The Metropolitan Opera: Doctor Atomic

By fengston
Written November 24, 2008
Camera swooping around was a bit much. Too many close ups. I could see on the edges that we were missing some pretty interesting things going on on the sides. Powerful lyrics. Very moving.
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