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Doctor Atomis

By Manon
Written November 09, 2008
I felt it was not as good as previous Met movies i have seen. II saw the SF version and you need a broader expanse for this opera. Too many the film
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A wonderful opportunity to see great music making, as always

By ahj
Written November 10, 2008
There are lots of of reasons why this new opera might not appeal to people (I loved it, although I recognize one kind of has to be in the mood-- it's static, in a way, with limited dramatic interaction between the characters; it works in a different way.) But if these ratings are to be useful to future opera goers, surely we should be commenting first of all on whether these Operas in the Movie Theaters work well. They do, spectacularly well! Production values are very high, much beyond the old PBS television broadcast techniques of 20 years ago. Sound is very good, digital image great, etc. And second, we should weigh in on the level of music making to expect by the time the next movie rolls around. And it is spectacular too. The opportunity to see operas from the Met in a group of enthusiastic viewers has turned me -- a life long classical music lover and musician, but Opera Skeptic--into an unabashed fan. These broadcasts are a huge service. Must go
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Dr Atomic

By fan dancer
Written October 26, 2014
Dr. Atomic is a "modern" opera- i.e., don't expect a memorable melody line in any of the arias. At first, if you are familiar and love opera with a melody, the lack thereof can be either offputting or boring--without melody, I rely on the different voices for variety. After a while, I found that the words, which were sung in English, started to sound very poetic. The story of the creation and testing of the first atomic bomb and the main character Robert Oppenheimer is compelling, fascinating and definately thought-provoking, especially so for someone like myself, who remembers the Cuban missile crisis and the "duck and cover" bomb drills of the 1960's. The costumes and set design were intriguing. As for the singing--it's the Metropolitan Opera of New York City!!-in a word-superb! I also enjoyed the commentary during the intermission.
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Dr. Atomic is a fizzle

By nikkyo1
Written November 09, 2008
I have to say that I go to the opera to hear extraordinary arias and get swept out of the everyday. Aside from Gerald Finley's amazing "Batter my heart" at the end of Act I and Sasha Cooke's first act lush and gorgeous singing, I was left very cold. Act II is just an occasion for the entire cast to stand onstage and listen to the orchestra - and the music is not enthralling. The actual explosion of the bomb was an anticlimax, as were the plaintive Japanese supertitles that closed the opera. Not my favorite!
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Dr. Atomic

By Jackie Kovach
Written November 09, 2008
Bravo to the Met!!! Bravo to the camera men!!!
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