Dr. A is for a special kind of opera/music/movie/history fan

By K4139M8215
Written November 11, 2008
The story is an almost pure and truncated biography of a then-potentially horrible event, the field testing of the first atomic explosion in the New Mexico desert. To appreciate the music you must be open to a score which gradually anticipates the unfolding drama slowly, phrase-by-phrase, during most of the opera to it's almost unbearable ending. I believe one's appreciation of the opera is enhanced by reading before-hand something about the Manhattan Project, the a-test in the desert, Oppenheimer, and even the hearing at which Oppenheimer lost his security clearance for not being sufficiently enthusiastic about the hydrogen bomb development, although this last incident is not covered in the opera. The recent thick biography of Dr. Atomic, Oppenheimer, is a very good place to start.
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The Metropolitan Opera's Salome

By bob_brock
Written November 10, 2008
Outstanding in every way.
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Dr/ Atpmoc

By ChasAndDeb
Written November 10, 2008
Outstanding - even if you are not an operagoer on a regular basis and know anything at all about America's involvement with nuclear weapons development, you must see this - it made you feel as if you were right there - the emotion wal as electric as their project!
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Modern Opera, Sets and Staging were great!

By operaneophyte
Written November 10, 2008
If you like modern opera, this is a fine one. The first act is compelling; the second a little less so. The staging was wonderful and was the most provocative element. The music was arresting. Local theatre did a fine job of transporting us to the Met.
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Doctor Atomic

By jayhowardl
Written November 09, 2008
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